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Hey guys! HyRoolLegend coming at you guys with another video of Cookie Run Kingdom. With the latest update, there is now a total of 12 different Magic Candies available inside the game. However, magic candies require different resources and Sugar Crystals depending on the class and cookie. In this video, I want to talk about which magic candy you should be focusing on first for each individual Sugar Crystals and the reasons why. On top of that, I would like to share how you should approach leveling up these Magic Candies when you get to that decision. Hope you guys find the video helpful!

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All right guys so with the release of latte cookies, magic candy as well as Madeline, cookie, magic, candy, there's a total of 12 cookies right now that are going to have the option for you guys to actually create a magic candy for so in this video I want to quickly talk about my recommendations on who you guys should be focusing on First and some of the cookies that you guys can uh, create the magic candy for and some of the cookies that you probably should not be wasting too much resources or your time on, because they're not going to be used too much right now so uh we have total of 12 different ones.

You guys can see uh Squid, Ink, espresso, vampire, Rye cream puff, as well as werewolf Madeleine cookie.

We have purple yam licorice as well as some of the other ones right over here with mala sauce and lante, as well as milk totaling, a total of 12 uh different epic cookies with the magic candy.

However, with the magic candy, not all of them are going to be used and not all of them are going to be as good as some of them.

So let's go into the tier list now guys- and let me just talk about here- uh who you guys should really be focusing on from the SS, which means like you, should really really really go and try to level up right away and then the a b c and really the uh quote-unquote, don't need uh right now or or you just kind of don't need to invest in at all all right.

So, let's get into the top pick right here.

First, the SS all right so I will talk about the materials that you guys will need and also the reason why uh they are really really good.

But let me talk about who are going to be the SS.

The top priority right now and number one is going to be without a doubt right here: Squid Ink, uh squid ink is used for pretty much in every single game mode.

Guild, boss battle, cookie Alliance, Arena, 41, shot comp.

You know World exploration, squid, Inc is really really amazing and probably one of the best magic candies that you guys could probably invest in right now as a regular player or free-to-play player um, you know, squidding is going to just do straight up good damage and also on top of that uh squid ink is going to be using an Arcane Crystal.

So keep that in mind next one is gonna, be cream, puff I, believe cream puff is another really really good one for you guys to level up when you guys have the opportunity to do so, because cream puff will be a great healer for not only the world exploration but also can be used inside of the arena.

With some of the attack speed comp as well as some of the other uh, you know Arena comps that are going to be coming out with the crit uh.

You know percentages as well as uh within the guild bounce battle uh she can be used here and there, but, most importantly, the cookie Alliance is gonna, be the number one Healer pick and then the next one I will have to say is going to be without a doubt, Madeline cookie right now, the absolute dominant of the arena and personally for me, I, will have to say if you guys have the opportunity to do so, using your swiftness, crystals, uh, Madeline cookie is going to be a great option for you guys, especially just because uh you know the arena is expanding and having more options for you guys to go and create a team right now.

Uh with someone like Madeline, who is really really good, should be something that you should uh definitely focus on.

If you guys have the opportunity to do so so right now, these two are going to be using uh.

You know our King, Crystals and Madeline is going to be using swiftness Crystal.

So right now for me personally, these three are going to be the top pick for you guys right now, uh.

So these two definitely without a doubt and that Madeleine you know, probably going to be a really good idea to invest in it, especially if you guys are thinking about climbing in the arena right now.

Uh, then, without a doubt now the Atria are going to be uh good cookies, but you guys can slowly invest in it and number one is going to be mala.

Sauce mala sauce is really really good, but it's going to be really just for World aspiration, uh some of the master modes as well as the cookie Alliance, all right.

So within those two game modes, mala sauce is actually really really good with the stun, as well as 25 crit boost to every single one of your cookies.

So combo with someone like cream puff, absolutely amazing, guys and I would highly recommend you.

If you guys have the resources to do so.

Uh, then investing in malasons with the strained Crystal would not be a bad idea all right and then the next one is going to be vampire, as well as someone like werewolf.

So these two are going to be really really good, as well uh to invest in Vampire for the arena and for some of the other.

You know World exploration and things like that, and then werewolf right now is mainly used for the arena, but can also be used inside of the cookie Alliance uh.

You know these two cookies are going to be decent uh, you know, vampire is still using the swiftness Crystal and uh werewolf is also using the strain Crystal and then the last one I'll have to say that kind of fits into the a tier is going to be purple.

Yam purple yam is an also a really really good option for not only the arena, but also for the cookie Alliance and the world Exploration with his self-sustain uh.

But you know it would really depend on who you guys have the you know ability to do so, because already these three are going to be using strained crystals, but I'll have to say the first pick is without a doubt, mala sauce cookie.

Now, B tier is going to be cookies.

That can be used and decent uh, but don't really recommend you guys to uh, invest in first and that is going to include espresso latte as well as Rye, so Rye used to be a number one pick, but because of the fact that rye is not being used right now for Diego boss battle and is hardly used for the arena.

I have to say compared to someone like vampire and Madeline cookie who are using the uh.

You know, swiftness crystals is probably not the best idea to invest in Rye first, but these three are going to be decent uh.

You know cookies, for you guys to use pretty good cookies uh as your damage dealer, especially espresso, with the stun injury and the AOE damage.

Latte has some extra you know, perks as well.

Rye is a great hit single hit Target unit, however uh compared to the other ones before are going to be using more than just one particular uh stage inside of the game.

Uh, it's probably better to invest in these guys on top, rather than something like this on the bottom.

Next one is going to be ctrc tears.

Just like you know, if you really have the extra resources and that is going to be licorice, licorice is not being used too much right now inside of any of the game modes, except for maybe some of the events that are going to be coming out and for the world exploration.

But without a doubt, licorice is just decent I'll have to say it's probably better to invest in all the other ones, especially because of the fact that you know he is going to be using Arcane Crystal as well.

All right and the last one is gonna, be don't need uh.

In my opinion, milk cookies magic candy is probably the worst magic candy.

You guys can probably invest in right now.

Yes, there was a slight uh time when milk cookie uh was used inside of the arena for uh Stardust.

But you know there's just better options right now, so just uh, yeah I, wouldn't recommend you guys to use your hard-earned resources and your you know: crystals uh to go and invest in milk cookie.

But without a doubt, this is my top recommendations for you guys for the magic candy, especially because you know there's a lot and it takes a long time for you guys to go and farm every single one of those resources, especially because of the fact that you can only Farm uh, mainly the uh.

You know resources from this uh.

You know magic lavatory that you guys have uh.

You know that is going to be producing and it also takes a really really long time to go and uh create even one of those materials one hour and 30 minutes per, and you need a ton of these in order to level up once so, I'll have to say recommended, make sure to go and invest in the ones that I've recommended for you guys right now and then slowly invest in the other ones.

Uh, and also you know, because of the fact that jelly beans are going to be an absolute disaster too far right now, because it's not only used inside of the materials for the magic candy, but is used everywhere else too.

So I think it's a really really good thing.

For me to kind of recommend where you guys should be investing your resources on, especially for the match candy for people who are you, know, kind of lost and thinking hey, which one should I be leveling up, because there's a lot, but one quick, last tip that I want to give you guys is that if you guys are leveling of the magic candy, it would probably be the best to level them up to at least plus 10 first, in order to at least get this little effect that they have.

You know like squid and cast the damage reduction which can be used throughout the world exploration.

You know, Guild boss battle and the cookie Alliance uh.

You know, someone like Madeline has also a really really good one where he is able to go and deal extra light damaged at the reason why he is a insane damage dealer within the attack, speed comp, and then we also have someone like cream puff.

Who is able to not only increase the attack with her regular skill, but on top of that, she's also able to increase the crit damage for all the cookies, which is the reason why she's, absolutely amazing, within the cookie Alliance as well so I will have to say uh make sure to try to level them up to plus 10 first and then move on to another magic candy.

Get that up to plus 10.

move on to the next magic candy get that up to plus 10, and then you know slowly invest in other ones as well uh, when you guys have the resources to do so.


So that's probably the best approach that you guys could get uh because you know having the magic candy at plus 10 and then plus, f, plus nine.

The difference is huge, all right, but anyways guys because there's so many uh Magic candies I thought I'll make a video for you guys to kind of organize my thoughts and also my recommendation and also uh I will be updating you guys for the tier list as well.

So hopefully, this kind of gives you guys a general idea on why I will be placing certain uh one of these cookies, with the priority that I have for the match, candy, and why I will be placing them in a certain tier for the tier list, but once again guys I hope you guys found the video helpful.

Let me know down in the comments below what you guys think about this order.

Do you guys agree with it? Do you guys not, but thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys all on the next one foreign.


Who was the first cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

The Tale of the Ancient Cookies

The Cookie Run Kingdom story begins centuries ago, when three witches attempted to create life using a handful of cooking ingredients. After throwing in some Life Powder and Moonlight, the first living cookie was created.

What are the Magic Candies in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Magic Candies are upgradable items that enhance a Cookie's Skill. They are unique to each playable Cookie and, upon first being created, modify their respective Skills by increasing their number values and providing additional effects.

What is the best magic in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Magic Cookie Tier List
TierMagic Cookie
ABlueberry Pie Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
BDevil Cookie, Latte Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie
CMacaron Cookie, Mango Cookie
DBlackberry Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Wizard Cookie
Apr 5, 2023

Is GingerBrave the first Cookie? ›

GingerBrave was the first Cookie to escape from the Witch's oven. It is unknown how this Cookie came to life, but rumor has it that the Witch accidentally used magic powder instead of ginger powder.

What is the oldest Cookie Run? ›


Who is the strongest magic cookie in crk? ›

Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Magic Cookies, Ranked
  1. 1 Moonlight Cookie.
  2. 2 Clotted Cream Cookie. ...
  3. 3 Pumpkin Pie Cookie. ...
  4. 4 Frost Queen Cookie. ...
  5. 5 Espresso Cookie. ...
  6. 6 Blueberry Pie Cookie. ...
  7. 7 Licorice Cookie. ...
  8. 8 Squid Ink Cookie. ...
Jun 7, 2023

What are the rarest Cookie Run Kingdom characters? ›

Rare Cookies
  • Adventurer Cookie.
  • Avocado Cookie.
  • Carrot Cookie.
  • Clover Cookie.
  • Devil Cookie.
  • Knight Cookie.
  • Pancake Cookie.

Is Eclair cookie good? ›

Eclair Cookie Is The Best Support In The Game

Eclair Cookie, on the other hand, does more damage than he does in his job as a Support. He can shield your allies from weakened opponents every time one of them dies, making him one of your most valuable weapons.

Who is the best healer in cookie run? ›

It's hard not to adore Herb Cookie when he comes into the game. He's adorable and is a relatively good healer, too, especially when you pair him up with his best friend Clover Cookie. It's definitely advised to put those two together, as they'll end up bringing a new sort of power, and health to the party.

Who is the weakest Cookie in CRK? ›

These cookies are the worst of the worst, and not worth playing in any circumstances:
  • Chilli Pepper.
  • Fig.
  • Werewolf.
  • Kumiho.
  • Madeleine.
  • Lilac.
Jan 10, 2023

Who is the strongest rare in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Custard Cookie III and Chili Pepper Cookie belong to the Rare and Epic tiers respectively, and both are sufficiently capable of handling the needs of a new player.

Why is vampire cookie good? ›

His attack only targets the furthest enemy, dealing massive damage. However, if it's only a boss, the boss is targeted, damaged, and then the Vampire Cookie heals from the damage.

Can you still get the sonic cookie in cookie run kingdom? ›

Open as many as you can by completing Sonic's Green Hill stages and soon you should get this special cookie. Alternatively, if you get the seven Chaos Emeralds of different colors from the boxes before opening Sonic and Tails, you can use them to unlock Sonic at the Miraculous Chaos Emerald menu as a guaranteed cookie.

Is Angel Cookie a girl or a boy? ›

Angel Cookie had the female pronoun "her" in its description silently removed in Cookie Run: New World update. This was due to the realization of an incorrect translation. Thus, Angel Cookie is now the first Cookie to have been referred to as 'it' in its description, going by the order of the Cookies.

Who is GingerBrave girlfriend? ›

Story. Maybe the Witch thought GingerBrave seemed lonely all by himself, cause she baked GingerBright with the leftover dough from making GingerBrave. Sweet and bubbly GingerBright is full of life.

Is pizza Cookie a boy or girl? ›

Pizza Cookie (Korean: 피자맛 쿠키, pijamat kuki) is an Epic Cookie that was released alongside her Pet, Piping Pizza Sauce. She rides a delivery bike to deliver pizza to houses on the road to score points.

Is White Lily Cookie dead? ›

After White Lily Cookie fell into the Ultimate Dough, she was cooked alive by the Witches and was transformed into Dark Enchantress Cookie. Her motive is to cause the Eternal Night with her Black Magic in order to get revenge on the Witches, who created Cookiekind solely to eat them.

Who ate the first Cookie? ›

Cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century AD Persia, shortly after the use of sugar became relatively common in the region. They spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain.

Is pure vanilla cookie blind? ›

Some says that opening his eyes is not needed and some says that he has eye problems. So basically, he's blind. Not much. He can still see and read.

Who is the best ancient cookie? ›

The Best Might of the Ancients Cookie

Due to her great all-rounder stats, Hollyberry Cookie is the best Might of the Ancients pick, as she can serve as a great tank and charging defense for the entire team in any of the game's modes.

Is squid cookie or espresso cookie better? ›

In most Cookie Run: Kingdom situations, Espresso will take the lead over Squid Ink and should be preferred for large-scale investments. That being said, Squid Ink can be a decent secondary DPS in a Black Pearl or Sea Fairy anchored burst team if players are short of one and don't have the resources to make more pulls.

Who is the best charge cookie? ›

1 Dark Cacao Cookie

As one of the few Legendary cookies available in the game and the only Charge Legendary, it's no surprise that Dark Cacao Cookie is easily the best Charge cookie in the entire game.

Does Knight cookie have a crush on Princess Cookie? ›

Knight Cookie's description mentions that he struggles to express his true feelings, part of which is most likely his crush on Princess. There was an official online test by Devsisters for Valentine's day, and one of the pictures included were Knight about to give Princess a love letter.

What is the rarest legendary cookie? ›

1) Frost Queen Cookie

Frost Queen Cookie, a Legendary Cookie of Magic class, is one of the hardest to find cookies in the game.

Why does espresso cookie hate light magic? ›

One possibility is that he was born in the Tribe's village and left at some point, or that he was born to other Coffee Tribe members who left the Tribe's village to live in the Republic. Espresso Cookie harbors strong contempt towards Light Magic, which fuels part of his initial annoyance towards Madeleine Cookie.

What is the cutest cookie in CRK? ›

The sweetie of the sea, Sea Fairy Cookie is the stunning ruler of the ocean in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. She has a really dreamy look as she wears glittering water and wields a jewel-like sword.

Is milk cookie good in CRK? ›

He has brilliant stats and a skill that can both cause AOE damage and uses 'taunt', which ends up protecting the other members of your party. His skill alone is the reason why Milk Cookie is well worth having in your party, even if it's just until you get some more powerful Cookies.

Is cotton cookie or oyster cookie better? ›

For example, Oyster can't heal herself or her allies which puts her at a disadvantage compared to say Cotton who can cause heal, inflict damage, and boost attack output. This makes her more useful for a wider variety of team builds.

Is Cream Unicorn or pure vanilla better? ›

In terms of just healing, both Cookies provide largely the same amount, with Cream Unicorn slightly more effective for PvE and BTS Cookies a little better in PvP.

Is milk cookie a healer? ›

Milk Cookie is an Epic Cookie released alongside his Pet, Milk Angel. He has the ability to summon a large shield to defeat Evil Spirits, granting points and sacrificing energy, as well as the ability to occasionally heal himself. Purple Yam Cookie.

What is the hardest boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Raspberry Cookie Run Kingdom guide: How to beat the Raspberry boss at level 11-27. Defeating the Raspberry boss at level 11-27 is incredibly difficult in Cookie Run Kingdom, so we've got you covered with this guide filled with everything that you need to know about overcoming one of the toughest levels in the game.

How good is Twizzly gummy cookie? ›

During gameplay, Twizzly Gummy Cookie has the most hits in her normal attack of any Cookie, totaling 6 hits.

Is Milky Way cookie strong? ›

While Milky Way can be an excellent tank, she is unlikely to put up significant DMG numbers. If players are willing to have her at the Front, knocking back the enemy, healing, and providing important debuffs, Milky Way is an excellent investment.

What is the least rarest Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

All the available Cookies fall into one of the following rarity ranks (arranged from most to least rare): Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient.

Who is the strongest dragon cookie run? ›

Several eons ago, the Red Dragon was the strongest Dragon of them all, and ruled over the Dragon's Valley with an iron fist. It was seen as a godlike figure from everything below it, legends being shared about it and all of its' nefarious deeds.

How rare are the BTS cookies? ›

All seven BTS Cookies have identical sub-stats and the exact "Army's Wishes" ability and are categorized in the "Special" rarity alongside Sonic and Tails Cookie.

Who is Vampire Cookie sibling? ›

As siblings, there are many life events that bond Alchemist Cookie and Vampire Cookie together.

Is Angel Cookie the worst healer? ›

Angel Cookie may be cuter than the rest, but sadly she's the worst healer of the four. While she does heal all party members, that's all her ability does. Not only that, but the heal does a very low percentage of her attack.

Does Cookie Monster love cookies? ›

He eats almost anything, including normally inedible objects. However, as his name suggests, his preferred food is cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite kind. In a song in 2004, Cookie Monster revealed that, before he ate his first cookie, he believed his name was Sid or Sidney.

Is Ancient rarer than Legendary Cookie Run? ›

Technically Ancients are "rarer" than legendaries because if you search by rarity the ancients are rarer (it goes ancient>legendary>epic>collaboration>rare>common) Although there are only 5-6 ancients, Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, White Lily, Dark Cacao, and Golden Cheese.

How rare is pure vanilla cookie? ›

Getting Pure Vanilla Cookie Through the Cookie Gacha

The same goes for getting any of Pure Vanilla Cookie's Soul Stones. If players are drawing from any of the Featured Cookie Gachas, the odds of drawing Pure Vanilla Cookie are at 0.054%. Drawing his Soul Stones is at a 0.308% chance meanwhile.

Is Kumiho cookie a boy? ›

Kumiho Cookie is based on her namesake, the kumiho (구미호) of Korean legends. The kumiho is a deceptive fox spirit which shapeshifts into a beautiful woman in order to seduce unaware men into a vulnerable position.

What are codes for Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

New Cookie Run Kingdom codes (June 2023)
  • CHERRYSPRINGGIFT - 20 Time Jumpers (NEW)
  • BRAVESPRINGGIFT - 300 Rainbow cubes.
  • HERBSPRINGGIFT - 100 Stamina Jellies + 100 EXP Star Jellies Lv. 5!
  • BLOSSOMINGGIFT - 1k crystals.
6 days ago

What does werewolf cookie say? ›

Don't come near!

Who was the first cookie ever made? ›

Pizzelles are the oldest known cookie and originated in the mid-section of Italy. They were made many years ago for the “Festival of the Snakes” also known as the “Feast Day of San Domenico” in the village of Colcullo in the Italian region of Abruzzo.

Who made the first cookie? ›

Cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century AD Persia, shortly after the use of sugar became relatively common in the region. They spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain. By the 14th century, they were common in all levels of society throughout Europe, from royal cuisine to street vendors.

Who is the most loved cookie in Cookie Run? ›

Mint Choco Cookie

He's just a dreamboat who is literally winking in his character art. His official character description even reveals that his musical talents and “dashing looks make him a favorite among the Cookies.” Humble in nature, Mint Choco Cookie is the full package, putting him on the top spot on this list.

Who made the first black and white cookie? ›

The Origins of the Black and White Cookie

The cookie is believed to have been created by Glaser's Bake Shop, which was opened in 1902 by Bavarian immigrants in Manhattan. Many others believe the cookie began as “half-moon” cookies that were served at Hemstrought's Bakery in Utica, New York.

Who were the original 5 cookies? ›

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie (Alive)
  • Hollyberry Cookie (Alive)
  • Golden Cheese Cookie (Status unknown)
  • Dark Cacao Cookie (Alive)
  • White Lily Cookie (Status unknown; presumed deceased)

Who are the 5 Ancient Cookies? ›

In a world populated with anthropomorphized dessert items (created by witches using cookie batter and Life Powder), the 5 Ancient Cookies - Pure Vanilla, White Lily, Hollyberry, Dark Cacao, and Golden Cheese - created their own kingdoms and were given Soul Jams, which granted them special powers and immortality.

What was the first fortune cookie? ›

Legendary History of the Fortune Cookie #1

The Chinese immigrant, David Jung, who founded the Hong Kong Noodle Company while living in Los Angeles, invented the cookie in 1918. Concerned about the poor people he saw wandering near his shop, he created the cookie and passed them out free on the streets.

What cookie is America's favorite? ›

America's favorite cookie and the one dubbed “the American cookie” is the Chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookie is simply tantalizing both in flavor and in texture. The chips of both milk and dark chocolate provide you with a rich and strong flavor while the butter makes the cookies velvety.

Why is it called cookie? ›

The term cookie was coined by web-browser programmer Lou Montulli. It was derived from the term magic cookie, which is a packet of data a program receives and sends back unchanged, used by Unix programmers.

Why is it called an Oreo? ›

The most common version asserts that Oreo derives from or, French for "gold" and supposedly the color of the original packaging. Others say it stands for "orexigenic," a medical term for substances that stimulate the appetite (including cannabis).

Who does Cookie sleep with? ›

Cookie and Lucious share a sexual encounter together afterwards. The Lyon's Roar After Cookie and Lucious sleep together, Cookie believes their relationship will go further if Lucious breaks up with Anika, and she convinces Lucious to create a Legacy album and tour for the family.

Who is the strongest magic Cookie? ›

Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Magic Cookies, Ranked
  1. 1 Moonlight Cookie.
  2. 2 Clotted Cream Cookie. ...
  3. 3 Pumpkin Pie Cookie. ...
  4. 4 Frost Queen Cookie. ...
  5. 5 Espresso Cookie. ...
  6. 6 Blueberry Pie Cookie. ...
  7. 7 Licorice Cookie. ...
  8. 8 Squid Ink Cookie. ...
Jun 7, 2023

Is Oreo cookie black? ›

Whether Mondelez wants to admit it, there's actually evidence to support the fact that the cookie is black. And it comes down to how the cocoa in the cookie is processed. The ingredients of a standard Oreo give us a clue: “cocoa (processed with alkali).”

Who made the first Oreo type cookie? ›

The "Oreo Biscuit" was first developed and produced by the National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) in 1912 at its Chelsea, New York City factory in the present-day Chelsea Market complex, located on Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets. Today, this same block of Ninth Avenue is known as "Oreo Way".

Who invented rainbow cookies? ›

Rainbow cookies originated in Italian immigrant communities of the United States during the 1900s to honor their native country. They are also called "tricolore" because of the resemblance to the Italian flag with white, red, and green layers.

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