Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (2024)

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (1)


Ian Evenden28 June 2024

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (2)

The modern ATV, or quad bike, can trace its history back to 1893 and the Royal Enfield motorcycle company. It built a four-wheeled vehicle with an engine out of bicycle components, and the handlebars and saddle are exactly the same as you’d see on a two-wheeler.

Enfield’s machine was meant to be used on the roads, and today’s quads can be road-legal too, so long as you meet safety standards and fit the right tyres, have a full driving licence, and are taxed and insured. Approved vehicles that can be ridden on the road straight away are available, and you can get a non-approved ATV adapted and approved by the DVLA. You don’t legally need to wear a helmet, but it can be a good idea as quads can be easy to roll over.

But riding on the roads isn’t really the point of a quad. It’s an all-terrain vehicle, so the smooth tarmac isn’t really its home territory. Riding a quad on rough ground or dirt paths - with permission from the landowner, of course - can be an exhilarating experience, and can have health benefits too. Holding on to the handlebars and staying in your seat as your ride rocks and pitches over rough ground helps strengthen your core muscles and burns calories faster than sitting in a car.

Perhaps the major benefit of quad-biking, however, is just getting out into the open air and having fun. While they have applications in farming, gamekeeping and other countryside occupations, much use of quad bikes comes from the leisure industry, allowing city dwellers to step out of their comfort zones and experience an adrenaline boost from a fast trip through nature.

The skills you learn from learning to ride an ATV will stay with you forever, so here are some of the best.

Best quad bikes at a glance:

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Honda TRX420 Fourtrax

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (6)


Best for: a good all-rounder

A new model from Honda, which also produces the Foreman, one of the UK’s best-selling ATVs. The Fourtrax offers a 420cc fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine, a choice of transmissions, power steering and a towing capacity of 385kg.

As it’s small and manoeuvrable, has enough power for moderate towing, and comes with Honda’s excellent reputation for build quality and reliability, it’s an easy recommendation. Models with larger engines are also available if you need them.

Buy now£8150, Honda

Loncin LX300

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (7)


Best for: a budget-friendly buy

This road-legal quad from Loncin packs a single-cylinder, 271cc, four-stroke engine capable of 23hp coupled with an automatic transmission, a front winch, steel wheels and hydraulic brakes. Being a bit cheaper than many other quads you might expect to get a stripped-back package, but Loncin has included a digital dash, Bosch EFI fuel system and LED lights to make the LX300 look like a bit of a bargain.

Buy now£3832, Loncin

Eco Rider Explorer

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (8)

Eco Rider

Best for: electric power

Electric quads might not be for everyone, as it’s easier to carry some spare fuel with you than it is to find somewhere to plug in a charging cable, but this slim and powerful model from Eco Rider will get the job done. It’s got plenty of power thanks to the 1000W brushless motor, allowing it to tow up to 100kg.

It’s light and quiet too, making it a good choice for trips to observe wildlife. An in-built speed limiter will help prevent over-exuberant riders from getting into trouble, and it can go up to 25 miles on a charge, depending on the conditions you’re riding in.

Buy now£1999, Eco Rider

Suzuki KingQuad 500XP

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (9)


Best for: an updated design

New for 2024, this four-wheel drive quad is powered by a fuel-injected 720cc engine and can tow up to 600kg. It has power steering, an LCD dashboard, and automatic transmission. The KingQuad has seen Suzuki update the design of its chassis and engine system in the pursuit of extra stability, better handling, and greater torque from the engine.

Not only this, but it looks the part too, with a gorgeous flame-red paint job. It has numerous waterproof storage compartments built into its bodywork.

Buy now£11975, Suzuki

CFmoto Cforce 850XC

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (10)


Best for: towing power

With an 800cc engine and room for 30L of fuel, this CFmoto model is switchable between two- and four-wheel drive. It has a rear tow bar with a seven-pin trailer socket, meaning you can put the 800kg towing capacity to good use, and the electronics are spread throughout the vehicle thanks to USB ports to charge your phone, and a 12V socket for everything else.

Buy now£8249, CFmoto

Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS SE

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (11)


Best for: leisure activities

This rugged quad is described as a ‘leisure ATV’, and with its bronze paintwork and aggressive styling it certainly looks like something you’d ride through the woods for fun.

But there are practical considerations here too, with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, all-wheel engine braking for controlled descents, and the ability to switch between two- and four-wheel drive at the press of a button makes it an easy quad to live with.

Buy now£9649, Yamaha

Segway Snarler AT6

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (12)


Best for: remote control

The Snarler comes in long and short wheelbase versions, and its 44hp, 570cc liquid-cooled engine gets it to over 35mph in less than five seconds. Optional rear diff lock and oil-filled shock absorbers, plus hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels, make it ideal for rough terrain. The Segway Powersports app allows you to tweak the quad’s settings easily from your phone, view its location, and even power the quad on and off remotely.

Buy now£7999, Segway

Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 4 1000

Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (13)


Best for: something a bit more luxurious

Adding a bit of weather protection to the ATV, the Wolverine may be expensive, but it brings with it four seats, a 999cc fuel-injected engine, a rear diff lock, power steering and heavy-duty suspension.

Ideal for moving people around a farm or estate, it’s also a good choice for giving tours as the rear seats are raised, providing an unobstructed view. It can tow up to 907kg too, giving it a multitude of uses.

Buy now£31020, Yamaha


While quads may be a niche product, those who require one tend to use them hard, so you’ll be looking for something that can reliably stand up to the elements - with aesthetics as a secondary factor. This doesn’t mean you need to ride around on something that resembles an old jeep, however, as the top quad on our list, the Honda TRX420 Fourtrax, proves.

A mid-size ATV like this offers the kind of flexibility that will endear a quad to its owner, but if you need something more specialised - electric power or more room for passengers - then there's a quad out there for you.





Best quad bikes to get you across all terrains in 2024 (2024)
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