Forever First: The History Campaign for Alpha Delta Pi (2024)

Each sister who has joined Alpha Delta Pi since our Founders established The Adelphean Society in 1851 is part of our story. Our goal is to:

  • Leave a legacy for generations to come
  • Preserve our history and our priceless archival items
  • Provide global access for research and social interaction

As we approach our 175th Anniversary in 2026, now is the time to create a state-of-the-art history center and archive to capture and preserve the treasured artifacts, historical documents, stories of sisterhood, and accomplishments of Alpha Delta Pi and our members.

We will provide an interactive opportunity for visitors to explore the history of the oldest secret society for women from 1851 to present day, as well as to understand the experience of women attending college at a time when few had that opportunity.

Alpha Delta Pi artifacts that provide insight into our history are currently on display at Memorial Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; the Cannonball House in Macon, Georgia; and at Wesleyan College in Macon.

Despite these public displays, thousands of unique slides and photos, document files, albums, scrapbooks, and other acquisitions reside in storage as unprocessed collections at Memorial Headquarters. These unprocessed assemblages, neither cataloged nor digitized, remain inaccessible. Every item in these collections faces imminent deterioration if not adequately processed and properly preserved.

Our history extends far beyond our roots in the mid-19th century. With more than 220 collegiate chapters and 286 alumnae associations chartered during our history, and nearly 250,000 initiated members who have been initiated into Alpha Delta Pi since our founding in 1851, we have:

  • an extensive collection of local campus histories;
  • a unique accumulation of our members’ life experiences; and
  • more stories yet to be integrated into the larger history of Alpha Delta Pi.

In today’s digital age, moments in our sisterhood are recorded and lost as quickly as the social media story expires.

  • Renovate the existing indoor museum space and outdoor Hubbard Memorial Gardens at Alpha Delta Pi Memorial Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This updated space will balance contemporary design with historic architectural features. Digital exhibits will be accessible to all users and easily updated by staff. Exposure to our collections will invite members and non-members to learn our history, while traveling exhibits will engage even more members.
  • Create a fully digitized collection of the archival materials currently in our holdings and establish integrated preservation and management practices to ensure the capture and conservation of future acquisitions, including digital-born media.
  • Implement necessary structural improvements of the Fitzgerald gravesite and provide for the perpetual care of Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald’s memorial in the historic Rosehill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia, and other physical archives in Macon. Markers will be added to the other five Founders’ graves in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, recognizing their role in creating The Adelphean Society.

Forever First: The History Campaign for Alpha Delta Pi (1)This is your legacy. Our history belongs to you, as you have worn our diamond-shaped badge. You are part of the Alpha Delta Pi story. You have an opportunity to leave a vibrant, living legacy for our members and the world. Together, we can plan for ongoing and future collections. We can learn more about our history through new discoveries and stories that have yet been untold.

Your investment will capture the story of Alpha Delta Pi. You will help our members understand that each one of us has a role to play in that story. You will teach future generations about lifelong growth and friendship. You will play your own role in our shared history. You will make a difference in the future of Alpha Delta Pi.

If you are ready to make a commitment to the Forever First History Campaign, visit If you have any questions or would like to discuss opportunities to be more involved in the campaign, please contactAlpha Delta Pi Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Polley Webb at (404) 844-0637 or, or connect with a member of our Steering Committee:

  • Elisse Jones Freeman, Alpha Zeta, Campaign Co-Chair
  • Jan Alexander Maisch, Epsilon Omega, Campaign Co-Chair
  • Maureen Calloway Carnevale, Alpha Zeta
  • Emily Erkel, Zeta Chi
  • Amy Cook Fisher, Alpha Omicron
  • Tracy Garner, Zeta Omicron
  • Renee Bailey Iacona, Delta Upsilon
  • Barbara Kinter Kunkel, Delta Kappa
  • Jennifer Pritchard Lewis, Eta Omicron
  • Susan Swicord Mathews, Epsilon Pi
  • Anne Veale Pogson, Alpha Zeta
  • Patricia Green Pratt, Alpha Kappa
  • Ferebee Ruffalo, Omega Alpha
  • Wendy L. Turner, Gamma Phi
  • Kristen von KleinSmid, Alpha Psi
  • Rosalyn Doze Williams, Alpha Alpha
  • Pam Zimmerman, Epsilon Tau
Forever First: The History Campaign for Alpha Delta Pi (2024)
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