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What's up everyone and welcome to the club in today's video I'm going to show you how to draw and color custard cookie from cookie run kingdom, let's get started in the center of our page and draw the inside edge of the eyes we're going to leave a gap in center.

Let's start over on the left side, with a straight angled line going up and out.

Let's line this up on the right and do the same thing now you want to connect the ends with a circle, starting from the top go all the way around towards the top of the eye come down and then back out towards that inside line now add a small circle on the bottom right now from here, let's trace the outside of the eye from the left.

Let's step out, it's going to leave an even space gap, all the way around around the inside and then down towards the bottom.

Let's round out the end of the eyes, with a small curve, almost like a bracket and I'll connect, the bottom, with a straight line.

Now, let's add in the mouth, we're going to connect the inside of the eyes with the curve coming down and then up and then from the ends come down around at the bottom.

Go back up on the right: let's trace the mouth along the inside, starting with the top and come down towards the bottom.

Let's go to the bottom of the mouth step down, draw a straight line going across the collar and then from the ends.

We occur the collar going out and then up just underneath the eyes.

Let's angle, this back down and out towards the side and I'll curve, this back in towards the bottom edge of the collar now to move back up and draw the bottom edge of the hair, let's start directly above the left eye, start by curving this down across and then up and going back to the left side, let's step down clear the hair coming down and then up step down down out towards the side of the head.

Now, let's round up the side of the head going in behind the hair and the collar, let's start from the top left clear, the head going out and down and then in let's go over towards the right.

Now, let's go back and add in the eyebrows, let's start with the one on the left, starting from the top down and then in round up the inside, and it will just taper that out towards the point on the left and I'll start on the inside of the right, eyebrow curve, this up and then down around at the end, go up and just taper down towards the inside.

Now we're drawing the top of the head on the left.

Let's step up, curl the head going up across the top and just bend that down on the right and we'll curl the hair along the side on the left.

Let's step up, go down and up it's going to round out the end, come down and bend that back in let's step back out down and in towards the side of the head.

Let's go over towards the right round at the bottom and pull that up around at the top, come down the side and we'll just bend that back in and we'll fold the bottom half of the hair underneath coming down and then in now you want to shift the crown over towards the right side so leaving a gap.

Let's draw two angled lines going up toward the top connect, the top with a curve and then from the top.

It's going to start with the left side going up down and then in and we'll trace these two curves along the inside inside this area on the left, I'm going to add a curve coming down and up do the same thing on the right.

It'll, add a circle in behind along the top going all the way around and then back in now we move down underneath the collar and draw two circles with an open end along the inside.

So, let's start on the left almost like drawing a c, and it will flip that over on the right side from the top of that circle and down and up underneath the chin in the middle, let's go down towards the bottom and just trace that on the inside and then from the bottom of the collar.

Let's step up, draw two straight lines: going out and we'll curl this down and just bend that up on the inside.

Let's go up above and draw a straight line now the hand on the left is going to be placed on top of the hip so start underneath the cape draw an oval coming down towards the bottom and then back up and then in the center of the body.

We're gonna add two circles, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Let's go underneath the bottom circle start with a point angle down and out toward the left and right and then on the left side we're just going to tuck this up and out underneath the hand, let's go to the right side going up and out.

Let's pull this up and in and go up and out underneath the cape, and now I'm going to round out the hips.

Let's start underneath the hand on the left side for the hip going out and in and we'll do the same thing on the right.

Let's angle, the legs coming down and out towards the side and then we'll round out the bottom of the feet coming down and then up.

Let's pull this back up and in towards the top, and it will connect the inside with the curve going up and then back down.

Now we're going to go back and separate the top of the shoe starting over on the left for this up and then down and I'll add an oval along top of each foot and then from the bottom of the hip.

Let's step down curl the shorts coming in and then down on the inside step down and draw that twice now, let's draw the cuff around the outside of the hand, starting underneath the cape curve out and in add another half circle and just tuck this in behind the hip and then from the outside of the cape curve, the arm going out down and then in towards the side.

Now you draw the arm on the right holding the staff.

So let's draw two straight angle: lines starting from the top just gonna angle, this down and in towards the bottom step out and then draw that twice.

Let's close the bottom, with a curve, let's go back to the top of the staff and draw the hand coming in and then out with a half circle and then on the inside of the stack we'll draw the cuff start with a curve coming in and down another half circle and tuck this in behind the staff.

Now, underneath the cape, we're just going to angle this down and out in behind the cuff, go to the top step down and go in behind now connect the top of the staff with a curve coming down up and from the side come down and up around the side coming back in and we'll add one more curve in the center.

Now we're going to move out to the side curl this out and in let's connect the top with a curve coming down and then up and then from the top and lift up and out now you want to add three points along the top coming down and in and we'll pull this up towards a center point.

Let's trace the sides along the inside, let's start with the left and then the right and I'll add two more curves along the inside and we'll trace this along the outside.

Let's go to the center area and add one curve go out to the side and do that again and now we'll layer, the cape in behind the body.

Let's start underneath the left arm start with a straight angle, line coming down and out, go underneath the hand angle down and out and we'll connect the bottom of the cape with a curve going in behind the body.

Let's start with the left point out and up in between the legs up towards the staff and continue on the right side and there we have it there's a drawing of custard cookie.

Now, let's grab some markers and I'll.

Show you how to color this in let's begin by filling the eyes in with this light, blue just work our way around that highlight and we'll add a thin shadow on the top of each eye.

I'm going to add a thick brown trim around the hair starting with the outside, and then those curls around the front and we'll fill the inside of the hair.

With this light, yellow also fill in the bottom edge of the crown and then the cane I'm going to fill the outside of the mouth.

With this brown and then the top of the crown go back to our dark brown and fill in the top of the cane as well as the shoes.

Now I use this light ground to fill in the inside of the head, moving down towards the hands and then top edge of the legs.

Let's add a small highlight along the top of the crown and fill the outside in red.

Let's fill in the top of the staff and the outside, I'm going to fill in the pants with this bright orange and we'll fill the top of the cake with this darker orange, as well as the buttons I'm going to fill the back side of the cape, which is medium brown, I'm just going to trace the outside of the arm and the cuffs with this yellow and going around the inside of the staff and there we have it, that's how we draw and color custard cookie.

I hope you enjoyed today's lesson.

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Thank you for watching and I'll see you again soon.


How To Draw Custard Cookie | Cookie Run Kingdom? ›

Premier Custard Cream Cookie is an NPC who appears in the first part of the Lost Kingdom update (v1. 3) in World Exploration's Timeless Kingdom. Custard Cookie III's father, making him Custard Cookie III's grandfather.

Who is custard cookies dad? ›

Premier Custard Cream Cookie is an NPC who appears in the first part of the Lost Kingdom update (v1. 3) in World Exploration's Timeless Kingdom. Custard Cookie III's father, making him Custard Cookie III's grandfather.

Is custard cookie related to pure vanilla? ›

Pure Vanilla Cookie and Custard Cookie III share quite a few similarities and relations on top of already being generally associated with one another. Both have close ties to the Vanilla Kingdom, with Pure Vanilla Cookie being its founder and king and Custard Cookie III being a royal descendent of it.

How tall is custard cookie iii? ›

Item Weight‎13.1 ounces
Dimensions‎8.5 x 0.28 x 11 inches
Best Sellers Rank#2,648,681 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #46,487 in Children's Activity Books (Books) #123,831 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Books)
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars 4Reviews
6 more rows

Who is Hollyberry cookie son? ›

Royal Berry Cookie is the son of Hollyberry Cookie, the husband of Jungleberry Cookie, and the father of Princess Cookie and Tiger Lily Cookie.

Is Angel Cookie a baby? ›

Angel Cookie is one of the cookies featured in the Junior Cookie Challenge, this is because Angel Cookie is a baby.

Is custard an egg? ›

custard, mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, and flavourings which attains its consistency by the coagulation of the egg protein by heat. Baked custard contains whole eggs, which cause the dish to solidify to a gel.

Who is the best healer Cookie? ›

Healer Cookie Tier List
TierHealer Cookie
ACream Unicorn Cookie, Herb Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sparkling Cookie
BCustard Cookie III, Carol Cookie
DAngel Cookie
Apr 5, 2023

Who is Pure Vanilla Cookie child? ›

Vanilla Lily Cookie is a Legendary class Cookie, created by @/VanillaLilySwiss on December (forgot the dates.) She is the daughter of Pure Vanilla Cookie and a great friend to anyone.

What gender is eclair cookie? ›

Well, in French, the word for eclair is masculine, so one could say that an eclair cookie is male. However, in English, the word eclair is actually considered to be gender-neutral. So, an eclair cookie could just as easily be considered to be female.

How old is lime cookie? ›

Lime Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on August 16th, 2018 as part of the Season 3: Black Sugar Pirate Ship update.

How old is Eclair Cookie Run? ›

The Eclair Cookie

This Epic cookie was released in the version 2.6. 001 update on January 19, 2022. In the lore of the game, this regal cookie is a museum curator and a dragon-fighter Cookie historian.

Who is Hollyberry shipped with? ›

HollyTaya is the non-binary ship between Pitaya Dragon Cookie and Hollyberry Cookie from the Cookie Run fandom.

Who is Cookie mom? ›

Mom (TV Series 2013–2021) - Kathleen Turner as Cookie - IMDb.

Is Hollyberry a grandma? ›

Aside from being a resourceful and charismatic leader, Hollyberry Cookie has proven herself to be a loving mother and grandmother. She raised her son, Royal Berry Cookie, to be a humble and resourceful leader as the next heir to the Hollyberry Kingdom.

Does Cookie have a sister? ›

Cookie Lyon was born Loretha Holloway, raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has two sisters, one including Carol Hardaway. Growing up, Cookie gradually began working in the drug dealing business, which is where she met, and soon married Lucious Lyon.

Who is vampire Cookie sibling? ›

As siblings, there are many life events that bond Alchemist Cookie and Vampire Cookie together.

Is Snow Cookie a boy? ›

Snow Sugar Cookie has been explicitly nonbinary as early as LINE Cookie Run, with the official Cookie Run Facebook even confirming they use any pronouns. More recently, the official Cookie Run Kingdom twitter account explicitly referred to them as non-binary.

What fruit is custard? ›

Custard apples are a decadent and deliciously sweet sub-tropical fruit. The Australian custard apple is a hybrid of the sugar apple (Annona squamosa) and the cherimoya (Annona cherimola), and is unique to any other custard apples grown around the world.

Why is it called custard? ›

Custards baked in pastry (custard tarts) were very popular in the Middle Ages, and are the origin of the English word 'custard': the French term croustade originally referred to the crust of a tart, and is derived from the Italian word crostata, and ultimately the Latin crustāre.

Who made custard? ›

The invention of frozen custard can be traced back to 1919 in Coney Island, New York. Ice cream vendors Archie and Elton Kohr realized that when they added egg yolks to ice cream, it had a smoother texture and helped the ice cream stay cold longer — perfect for hot summer afternoons on the boardwalk.

Who is the weakest healer in CRK? ›

Despite looking absolutely adorable, Angel Cookie is one of the weakest healers you can put in your party. It's arguable that, if they're your only choice, then why not?

Who is blind healer cookie? ›

Healer Cookie (Korean: 치료사맛 쿠키, chiryosa-mat kuki) is an NPC who was introduced in the first part of the Lost Kingdom update (v1. 3) and appears in World Exploration's Castle in the Sky and Timeless Kingdom.

Is milk cookie a healer? ›

Milk Cookie is an Epic Cookie released alongside his Pet, Milk Angel. He has the ability to summon a large shield to defeat Evil Spirits, granting points and sacrificing energy, as well as the ability to occasionally heal himself. Purple Yam Cookie.

Is Sugar Cookie a boy? ›

Upon release, all content referring to Amber Sugar Cookie used feminine pronouns for him. This was hastily adjusted in his story within a few minutes of his release to use solely masculine pronouns, then adjusted in Labyrinth of Remembrance in a matter of hours.

Who is dark cacao cookie son? ›

Dark Cacao Cookie is the founder and the king of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. He is also the father of Dark Choco Cookie, though he disowned him upon Dark Choco Cookie's…

Who is Pure Vanilla Cookie shipped with? ›

Tropes. PureCacao is the slash ship between Dark Cacao Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie from the Cookie Run fandom.

Who is Shadow sister cookie? ›

Shadow Sister Cookie (Korean: 그림자사제맛 쿠키, geulimjasaje-mat kuki, "Shadow Priest Cookie") is an NPC introduced in the Tiers of Chaos update (v1. 4). This Cookie is a nun of the St. Pastry Order and answers to Reverend Mother Cookie.

Is raspberry cookie a female? ›

Both have relations to an ancient cookie. And there are several more things, even minor thing such as, both are female. Along with their simularites are their differences, Raspberry Cookie, was never banished from her kingdom.

What is the oldest Cookie Run? ›

Cookie Run
Platform(s)iOS Android
First releaseOvenBreak 15 June 2009
Latest releaseCookie Run: Kingdom 21 January 2021
2 more rows

How old is soda cookie? ›

Soda Cookie (소다맛 쿠키) is a Rare Cookie that was released with the initial launch of the game on September 26th, 2016.

How old is cookie dough? ›

Cookie dough is derived from the creation of cookies that dates back as far as 7th century Persia, where they were used as test cakes. Persia was one of the first countries to use sugar and soon became known for luxurious cakes and pastries.

How old is Macaron Cookie? ›

According to Larousse Gastronomique the macaron was created in 1791 in a convent near Cormery. In 1792, macarons began to gain fame when two Carmelite nuns, seeking asylum in Nancy during the French Revolution, baked and sold the macaron cookies in order to pay for their housing.

How old is peppermint cookie? ›

Peppermint Cookie is an Epic Cookie released in OvenBreak on April 10th, 2017.

How old is zombie cookie? ›

Zombie Cookie is a Rare Cookie released alongside its pet, Brain Gum, on September 26th, 2016, within the initial launch of Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

How old is cookie cutter? ›

Although cookie cutters of various types have been in use since Egyptian times, the metal type that cooks are most familiar with came into existence in the 1400s.

Is clotted cream Cookie custard cookies dad? ›

Clotted Cream Cookie is the biological son of Light Cream Cookie and the adoptive son of Custard Cookie.

Is almond cookie a dad? ›

Almond Cookie is the father of Walnut Cookie, who is currently only playable in Cookie Run: OvenBreak and Cookie Run: Puzzle World.

Who is vampire cookie sibling? ›

As siblings, there are many life events that bond Alchemist Cookie and Vampire Cookie together.

Does Dark Choco Cookie have a dad? ›

Dark Cacao Cookie is the founder and the king of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. He is also the father of Dark Choco Cookie, though he…

Is pastry cookie a nun? ›

One such cookie is the righteous Pastry Cookie, an epic ranged nun of the St. Pastry Order who will stop at nothing to protect the greater good. She's capable of fantastic damage and is often ranked as one of the best Ranged cookies in the game.

Is pastry cookie a nun or a sister? ›

She is of the Ranged type and her position is prioritized to the Rear. Pastry Cookie is a nun of the St. Pastry Order and answers to Reverend Mother Cookie. She appears as the protagonist of the Tower of Sweet Chaos Story and represents the polar opposite ideology to that of Red Velvet Cookie.

Is sherbet cookie a boy? ›

Sherbet Cookie is a ranged cookie (the first male ranged cookie in the game) with a skill called 'Frost Shards'.

Who is Cookie Lyon dad? ›

John Holloway

Is almond cookie a dilf? ›

DILF. Almond is a noticeably older cookie, with wrinkles on his face and grey hair. A common joke, both inside and outside the fandom, is that many people refer to him as simply "The DILF Cookie".

Who is Red Pepper cookie sister? ›

Max Affection Jelly Quote

Red Pepper Cookie was released alongside his sister, Chili Pepper Cookie, and his pet, Paprika Punching Bag, on April 27th, 2018, during the Secrets of the Lost City Event.

Who is werewolf cookie friend? ›

Werewolf Cookie is an Epic Cookie released on September 26, 2016 alongside his Pet, Furball Pup. This Cookie will transform into an invincible werewolf form which destroys all obstacles in his path for a given time.

Is Pure Vanilla Cookie blind? ›

So basically, he's blind. Not much. He can still see and read.

How tall is Pure Vanilla Cookie? ›

Standing at 4.5 inches, Pure Vanilla is ready and able to heal any cookie who may need some extra help.

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