I Played a Cookie Run RIPOFF, and Here's What Happened... (2023)


Why I Played a Cookie Run Ripoff Instead of Reinstalling the Real Game after leaving the game for a month.

Lumine Mars video: www.youtube.com/watch

This is Why I Played a Cookie Run Ripoff Instead of Reinstalling the Real Game in Cookie Run Kingdom. Today I will play cookie run kingdom to see the new cookie run kingdom update and the new cookie run kingdom codes. This will help me guide me to get cookie run kingdom update information and cookie run kingdom update news. cookie run kingdom ripoffs are help in a cookie run kingdom tier list in crk and cookie run is my game. This game has cookie run kingdom coupon codes in 2023 on tiktok. cookie run has a lot of cookie run kingdom gameplay and cherrow plays cookie run kingdom. Cherrow made guides on cookie run kingdom and likes coupon codes and crystals. Cherrow has moonlight cookie and milky way cookie and prophet cookie in cookie run kingdom. Moonlight cookie and milky way cookie and prophet cookie have been released in the new cookie run kingdom update.

Happy Alley by Kevin MacLeod

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I, haven't played cookie, run for a whole month and I haven't uploaded to YouTube for two months now.

Instead of deciding to return to Cookie Run and telling you all why I disappeared, I decided to play a Cookie, Run knockoff game instead anyways here's what the loading screen looks like and before we start playing I like to say a few words so I found out about this ripoff Cookie Run game through the YouTuber lumine Mars, so I'll leave their video in the description.

So you can go subscribe to them.

If you want so today, I want to compare this ripoff game to the actual Cookie Run Kingdom game.

We're gonna, compare and contrast the similarities and differences and also I'm hoping we can have some fun with this game and also the name of this game is called plant.

Adventure look so anyways, let's begin so.

This is The Game's, intro and I'm just gonna gloss over it because I don't care about it, but then this scene caught my attention.

Wait a second hey those six characters, look familiar! Oh! So that's why so anyways the intro ends and this loading screen pops up and it looks awfully familiar.

Oh, so that's why I don't know the character positioning looks kind of suspicious and also the giant castle in the background, so the first battle of the game starts and oh boy.

Let's compare this game to the real game, so we have five profile picture cards at the bottom same exact level layout.

This is due to the diagonal fashion of the level and we also have a horde of weak enemies.

So then the level continues but wait.

A second there's damage and heal numbers, just like Cookie Run and you tap the skill icons and that's also just like Cookie Run anyways.

Now we're coming to the boss fight, and would you look at that and if you don't understand what that was well, that's Sizer from Pokemon anyways I.

Want you to focus on this guy right here: What A, peculiar skill name.

Did you see that vampire bite attack right there? I, don't know this kind of reminds me of a certain somebody and it's not like the developers copy and pasted vampire cookies skill? No, no! No! No anyways! It's now time to build our kingdom all right, it's time to place the lumber mill, so we buy the building with gold.

We click a check mark.

Then we have to build a building and it takes a certain amount of time.

And then you click the building.

Once it's finished and we get none other than kingdom XP, they could have at least changed the name or something now it's time to create some wood, no I'm, just gonna.

Let this clip play out, because if a picture's worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures.

So that means it's worth a thousand.

You know what I forgot, what I was gonna say.

I wish.

My grammar was as good as this anyways: here's a game mode GUI.

So we have World adventure, we have Kingdom Arena and we have Guild battle.

They didn't even bother change, changing the name for any of those three.

So now here's level 1-1 I'm gonna, let this clip play out because I want you to see some gameplay and yes, I added my own music in because this music's better than the one in game and, as you can see, there's way too much dialogue in the first level and that's why I'm speeding this clip up because too much dialogue that Victory screen just looks plain awful, like I wish, the developers stole the victory screen from cookie run, because this was just terrible and we have crystals great.

This game is pay to win.

Oh wait, I mean that kind of reminds me of another game and now it's time for some more World exploration and the GOI looks the same as the original game and do I even need to explain anyways imagine stage 1-2 in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Well, this is pretty much the exact same thing so far.

My roster consists of Ginger Brave, wizard, cookie and I.

Think custard, maybe also my microphone's starting to die or something because it's getting quieter, I, don't know why so anyways, here's the victory screen and wait a second.

The animations look really really similar.

Well all right.

So now it's time to use our Smithy to craft some robust axes, I mean handy sickles, wow I.

Guess you forget stuff, after not playing the game for a month, I just realized I still don't have sherbet or a moonlight so uh, oh so anyways now, I'm gonna show you what the gotcha looks like.

So here's what the gotcha looks like and yeah.

You can already see it.

So here's the gotcha animation personally I, don't really like it that much and also you know what would be really evil.

If I just made like captive video, this one gotcha, animation and that'd be evil, so you know how everyone always gets: Chili Pepper guaranteed at the beginning of Cookie Run.

Well, in this game, this guy's a replacement for chili pepper, and let me just tell you this guy's way better than Chili Pepper I'd rather use this guy over Chili Pepper any day.

So now here are the probabilities for all the plants you can get.

So it looks like there are Rarity tiers, just like cookie run, so I think you are is the equivalent for ancients in Cookie.

Run SSR is the same as epics.

Sr is also epics, and ours rares and Commons.

Also, this is very important.

You can't actually claim things in your mailbox until you beat a certain level and that level is 1-8.

If you try to click the claim buttons before 1-8, they just don't work at all.

So there's also this thing here called The Prestige leaderboard, and if you want to send me some Prestige, my username is churro, since I've always wanted to be on a Prestige leaderboard, but I've never been able to do so on Cookie, Run, Kingdom anyways.

That's all I have to really say about this game.

If you want to know more about this game, you can go play it yourself and also subscribe.

Cause I'm, poor, alright, see ya.


Why did Cookie Run shut down? ›

A spokesperson for Devsisters confirmed on Tuesday that My Cookie Run and Cookie Run Kids have been shut down. "Both projects were halted as we decided to focus primarily on expanding our IP business in other areas, such as licensing, animation and games, rather than on platforms,” the spokesperson said.

Is Devsisters Korean? ›

Devsisters Corporation (Korean: 데브시스터즈 주식회사) (logo stylized as DEVSISTERS) is a South Korean company focusing on manufacturing and developing mobile entertainment and gaming apps, founded in 2007.

Is Cookie Run Chinese? ›

Reception. Thanks to the vast user base of Kakao and LINE messengers, Cookie Run has become immensely popular not only in its home country of South Korea, but also in Thailand and Taiwan.

What is the original Cookie Run? ›

OvenBreak, sometimes referred to as OvenBreak Lite, OvenBreak: GingerBrave Run, OvenBreak Infinity, or OvenBreak Skittles was a game created by Devsisters. It is the first game in the Cookie Run series. The game is an endless arcade style runner that has multiple different modes.

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