I Upgraded Boring Minecraft Structures (2023)


I Upgraded Boring Minecraft Structures to prove that they could be so much better, and i did a good job maybe idk what do you think

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This video is inspired by Wadzee and Luke TheNoteable Hardcore Minecraft Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. This idea was also based off of the crazy, big videos made by sandiction and Beppo on their Minecraft Hardcore Worlds.

However, instead of it being Wadzee, Luke, Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, sandiction or Beppo... it's just tazoh.
I like to make Giant Mega Builds, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive.

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The structures all throughout Minecraft worlds are getting boring and some just look plain bad, like the super rare Woodland mansion.

That's right behind my house like what is this, but this got me thinking.

What would these structures look like if I were to upgrade them into something? Much much cooler before I can begin I'm going to need a platform for all of the structures to go on? Oh how'd, that get there um seven hours of work and a lot of concrete duping now I want to upgrade four different structures increasing in Rarity and size, as the video goes on anyway, the circle is color coded for each of the four structures I'm going to upgrade.

So it's time to get resources for the first one, the Shipwreck now getting the materials for these structures shouldn't be difficult.

The issue is, however, the server I'm playing on contains some of the best Builders I've ever met and I think it would be super cool if I could prove to them that Minecraft structures could be upgraded by showing them this project.

Who did this? Whoever did clearly does not think structures can be upgraded.

I guess, but if I can get these builders on my side, everyone will be agreeing with me now.

This may not look too exciting yet, but before I can actually build the upgraded shipwreck.

I need to turn this area into a proper ocean with the ground.

Terraformed I want to build some things.

You would normally find at the bottom of the ocean.

I'll start by making a stone Spike with Magma blocks at the top next I'm going to build a shipwreck.

Actually I mean they are technically at the bottom of the ocean.

Now to make this ocean feel more alive, it's time to place plants like seagrass, kelp and especially Coral block, but since they can't survive without water, I will have to flood this entire quarter.

That looks about high enough now, if I make a platform up here, I can place the top layer of water on it and make it fill in the entire space.

I just need to be really careful if this platform extends too far in any direction.

The water will overflow into the other spaces solidifying the concrete and forcing me to have to replace all of the water again.


Here we go Thank God now, I can just Place water everywhere with the use of infinite water sources.

That is so satisfying with that done.

Let's get the platform destroyed to fill in the entire area with water.

This is also satisfying I, just remembered that all of the blocks on the ship have to be waterlogged manually.

That's 30 minutes I'm, not getting back now.

I can make a coral reef running through the water.

Add some seagrass some patches of make a ruined portal here and finally build the upgraded shipwreck.

Oh my that just isn't good.

It isn't even sinking I really want to prove to everyone that Minecraft structures could be so much cooler and I'm not going to pull it off by showing them.

This I have no other choice but to watch YouTube tutorials five, easy steps to improve your book.

Today we are going to build this beautiful industry.

I will be showing you how to build a working ship model.

We show you guys how to build these things speedometer.

This is not working I'm way too scared to even attempt to build a boat of this size, especially one that I have to present to the judges.

I think it's time for plan firestorm, yeah I, just stumbled across this super good Builder on planet MC and I asked them to build the ship.

For me, let's see what Baron ended up creating.

Oh my God.

This is sick.

Not only does the actual boat like look awesome, but they even added in a giant squid, that's sinking it, but I'm not done yet.

This build has a lot of materials that I need to get before.

I can actually build it.


The music.

The boat alone manages to use almost every wood type.

So sorry about that mother nature, then a bunch of random things: blue, concrete, glowstone, glass.

Now I gotta get a bunch of terracotta.

Luckily, for me, all of the colors naturally generate in Mesa Biomes I need to be just gonna borrow this real quick.

That should be everything except for the 1135 white wool.

Sheep you're coming with me, I need a lot of you and now that we're here enjoy eternal life in a hole, but first I think I would like to name one of these sheets now, not the best with names but I think it'd be really funny if I called you Meep for some reason perfect.

You are now my best friend.

Let's just make a temporary Wheat Farm to breed the sheep, and now we can begin building.

There is so many blocks.

My inventory is a mess.

This is why I need trillion sheep now at this point, you've probably realized that I've done literally nothing to help upgrade the Shipwreck, but do not work.

I have formulated a genius plan see until now.

I was only thinking about physical upgrades, but these Minecraft structures have boring gimmicks and functions that I could improve as well for the Shipwreck I've, designed a much more intricate way of finding the buried treasure.

Instead of a simple map, the player must go through stuff, like riddles, hidden buttons and clues.

If I invent a mini game based on each of the four structures for the judges to play, they'll definitely agree with me that Minecraft structures can be improved.

Imagine just swimming in the ocean and seeing that off in the distance instead of a normal shipwreck.

Also I have something else to show you I added the buried treasure minigame I cannot wait to watch the judges play through this I mean this is so cool to get this, when you solve the whole puzzle, you won't find a buried treasure no you'll gain access to my underground complex.

This place runs underneath the platform and will eventually have entrances from all four structures after completing each minigame, I literally feel like I'm in a movie and I'm.

The one that made this coolest of all the complex contains miniature versions of each structure.

I'm going to upgrade the judges are going to have no choice but to agree with me.

The second structure: I'm upgrading, is the desert temp they're, not nearly as cool looking as when I first came across them, they're just underwhelming, and everyone knows where the hidden vault is so I'm gonna have to upgrade that as well.

Now, the desert temple itself is actually designed very well, but I don't want my upgraded version to blend into the environment, to the point where I can't even see it walking by because of this I want to stay true to Minecraft's original design, but change up its colors.

To contrast with the sand more yep, we are completely inverting and making the pyramid out of Blackstone.

Oh there's the gas.

Please go away now.

I just need to get some gilded Blackstone to add gold accents to the final design and for some reason you can't even craft them.

You can only find them by mining around in a Bastion and risking your life.

Oh no! Oh my God, oh before I, actually rebuild the Temple I'm going to terraform the ground slightly to look like a natural desert.

Why is this Cactus nine blocks tall? You ask I, don't I, don't really know before you say that this doesn't look very good.

I know these yellow concrete blocks are actually acting as a placeholder for what will soon be solid gold.

That change will really bring this desert pyramid to life and to extreme value, but I will need 162 blocks of gold or 1 500 gold ingots to pull it off big before I deal with that task.

I need to deal with a much larger issue at hand.

I can't simply change the color of the structure and call it a day.

I need to truly transform it see.

Pyramids in real life are much larger than what you get in Minecraft, but just increasing the structure size would be lazy.

I want to turn the desert temple into a mythical structure, as they've always had this feeling of being almost magical and mysterious to me.

I think it would be super cool to make this desert temple have a force to it, pulling in power and Supernatural materials from all over the world.

Firstly, I want to make giant golden crystals floating above the pyramids, each with cracks to reveal a glowing red inside I just have to solidify three shulker boxes, worth of concrete.

First I'll just watch YouTube, while I mine for eternity what this is actually insane miles, one of the people, that's judging my upgraded structures later recently uploaded this video and this Mega project of his is so cool I feel like it just completely blows.

My builds out of the water by comparison, I mean all three of my judges have worked on absolutely insane Mega projects in their past videos and now that I've taken a look at them again, I, don't even know if I can pull off my goal anymore.

The judges may very well see my project, but not be impressed enough to actually prove that Minecraft structures can be upgraded highest one zone staring at me.

Well, there goes one of the judges to start I'm going to make a huge Crystal directly above the pyramid, and call me crazy, but I think I'm going to make it taller than the Shipwreck and I am really hoping that this looks good.

First, try as if it doesn't that's a lot of blocks, I have to break now.

It is, unlike anything, I have ever seen before in Minecraft, but I think it turned out to look super cool now.

I can just make some smaller crystals surrounding the mega one and there we go.

I also want to add a spiral of pink glass coming out of the pyramid to show it pulling in the crystals wow that looks terrible, I'm just gonna pretend that that never happened and actually try this time using different colors of glass and a much better spiral shape yo that actually looks so sick.

This already looks so much better, but I have another idea to make this desert temple.

Look mythical.

I want to have beacons, shooting up from the ground to surround the structure, but even if I make the simplest Circle possible with eight Beacon, that's still 24 wither, skeleton heads, I, guess it's time to get to work, 30 minutes, and only one skull, since when were the chances this bad.

If I want this video done before the turn of the decade, I need to make a Wither Skeleton farm and I've never built one before.

Hopefully, this isn't too complicated when I place these cobwebs down and go through this portal, where their skeletons should be spawning, he has first try they are coming through the portal so fast.

This is actually insane in xo4 I love you with this I can get the 24 skulls in no time and kill the withers to get the eight wither storm.

Let's get these beacons placed down now.

I can add some dark orbs surrounding each beam as a final little touch.

The finished desert temple is now looking so sick, except I'm, not finished.

There's something I still need to do whenever I use a lot of gold for a project.

I always forget just how painful the process is.

This should be enough, and I can now replace all of the yellow, concrete with gold blocks.

The desert temple is now officially upgraded.

You want to say anything to the viewers meep if you're quick, you might be able to subscribe before I reach, 8 billion subscribers The Desert Temple is upgraded, but only physically The Vault, you find in every pyramid, still needs to be improved by a lot now.

I have spent a lot of time.

Thinking about how I could improve the Vault while doing the desert, Temple's other upgrade and I have an idea see the vault is meant to be a place for secret loot to be stored, but it has the world's worst defense mechanism seriously.

The only puzzle is that it's hidden under the floor and has the most obvious TNT trap ever no one's falling for this anymore.

The most advanced form of a Minecraft puzzle are escape room, a game where people are trapped in a room and Must Escape by obtaining blocks through puzzles, and they can get really complicated, really fast, using some of Minecraft's most obscure game mechanics.

So what if I were to design my very own escape room and build it under the desert temple as its new upgraded vault? Well, we're about to find out the actual room will be made with normal sandstones that finding this area truly feels like you're, uncovering a new region of the pyramid.

Now I can just fill in this room with a few things to make.

It feel like a true secret, vault and finally add all of the puzzles.

I came up with also the puzzles for the escape room, along with the order of blocks to escape definitely did not take two hours to plan out.

You'd have no proof at all, but I am officially done when you walk into the new and improved desert temple.

You are greeted by a chest for you to deposit all your items beneath the solid golden Emerald.

You will find the updated Vault.

All you have to do to escape is open.

This dropper break the dropper, find a stone cutter, open the strawberries and finally stack your way out.

To be honest, I have no idea if the judges will even be able to get out, but I can't say I'm not excited to watch them.

Try the mine shafts that you find within Minecraft have the largest problem.

Yet they should be a structure that allows for easy access underground and into Cave System.

Instead they are random passages.

You can occasionally find when already mine and while the loot can be good.

They observe no real point in even existing so I am, going to design a huge vertical mine shaft all the way down to bedrock that is fully traversable and has Pathways into the cave systems that run underneath the platform and yes I did draw this highly detailed drawing for this one explanation but I can now excavate the entrance of the mine shaft this is going to be huge but before I can construct the actual mine shaft it can't just be a random hole in the ground I need to create a proper surface I'll start by adding descending ridges down to the mine shaft almost like a quarry where people would mine for minerals.

On the surface, I! Also made sure to keep this strip of ground here.

Flat, so that you can actually still get down to the mine.

Shaft now I, can add some rocks and boulders along this side of the ground.

Put water in this hole, as if rain had filled it up over time, make a little mining town in this back corner and add some overgrowth of leaves and grass down to the mine shaft on this final side and now, with it being time to actually dig out the hole for the mine shaft to go in it's important to know that this project is in a mountain, biome I'm going to need to dig this layer of almost 1 000 blocks 150 times, while digging I've been really wondering.

If what I did on the surface was even enough and I think I've realized something as the day the judges inevitably look at.

My upgraded structures has inched closer I've began to really worry.

If what I'm doing is enough foreign but I, don't know I, think it'll be fine as long as I keep pushing forward the hole for the mine.

Shaft is now dug out and outlined, but it took two hours.

I really hope that this server allows for TNT duping machines to work.

Gotta play some slime, Coral fan fence here, three more slime blocks, detector, Rail and a minecart work.

Yes, how did anyone find this glitch? It's so specific of a setup.

This means I can just stand on this machine and watch as it destroys.

The hundreds of thousands of blocks I would have had to otherwise Mine by hand, and it was insanely satisfying.

There were still a few blocks.

I had to Mine by hand, but Haze 2 is an actual Lifesaver.

Deep slate, on the other hand, should be instrumentable as well.

All the mine shafts will be built in is now fully excavated, and it's so deep.

In fact, even feather falling 4 can save you now I'm going to construct the mineshaft's walkways and platforms out of Oak, just like the original design and as I said previously, I want this updated mine shaft to be fully traversable.

I want to be able to make it from top to bottom.

With my own two feet.

I have some different ideas to make this possible, but I first need to make some overhanging platforms at different levels of the hole to act as floors and then Mark each cave.

This Mineshaft passes through with an overhanging bridge.

This is already looking pretty awesome, but they also sort of defy the laws of gravity so to create support, beams I'm, going to make a giant wooden scaffolding that stretches across the mine shaft's, opening that actually looks so cool and it matches with the design of the surface as well.

Now, chains can hang from the support and connect to the different bridges down below.

As for the platforms, I decided that they can hold themselves up with these Underside beams.

There's just no way to get between the bridges and platforms to bring this mine shaft together.

Even more I have a few different ideas to actually get around.

The most simple option is a descending circular pathway that lines the walls of the mine shaft like so, and I can use this to get from the first platform to a bridge.

That eventually leads you into the first of many caves.

Further up, this pathway I'm going to build another method to get even lower.

These beams of oak logs will eventually house a water bubble, elevator of which you can use to go up and down between the upper and lower platform.

Then I can create a pathway to this little cave and another Pathway to get down to the strip, Stone cave and then a full staircase with multiple switchbacks to reach.

The final case still keeps going.

This mine, shaft is going to be huge, I'll worry about making it down the final 30 blocks at a later time.

I now need to fix the most important part of the mine shaft.

The details I mean normal mine.

Shafts only have torches cobwebs and the occasional Minecart chest to add Ambience, as you walk around so I want to add stuff like glowberries everywhere.

I have a running down the corners, a secret, dangerous platform, Lush cave area, Minecart tracks everywhere lanterns should go on to make the mine shaft better.

It was at this point that I was losing my mind.

The idea of the judges thinking my build was bad had been eating away at me, this entire time that this whole project could be all for.


I was worried about every little thing.

I did stuff, I wasn't even thinking about before.

Was it bad that I didn't have an interior to the upgraded shipwreck and I need more detail on the crystals with the mini games even made? Well enough am I even upgrading the structures properly as I walk through the finished mine, shaft I feel like it was actually upgraded.

Properly I mean I did reach my goal of making the mine shaft more traversable.

It feels so much more alive and actually has a purpose, but I just don't know also I, don't know how the judges will feel about the fact that the mini game for the mine shaft is a literal dropper.

Yes, this is the real way that you win, but still I really want to reach my ultimate goal and show these structures with proper upgrades and the only way I see that being possible now is by fighting to make the Woodland Mansion the best structure.

Yet here we go now.

The Woodland Mansion is supposed to be one of Minecraft's, most mysterious and rare structures to find I mean you normally have to get your hands on a map to even find one all for it.

To look like this, a big wooden box in the forest now I may not have any confidence in my building skills, but I am going to try my absolute hardest to give the Woodland Mansion the upgrade it deserves.

My current idea is so big that I need to transform this pie shaped area into a square for it to fit now as I get the materials for this structure I'll, let you Ponder something what would look cooler to come across in Minecraft, this Woodland mansion or a giant medieval dark oak Castle? Hence it's the castle, I literally just left.

The creative side of me flow, no reference images, no drawing just pure willpower, and this looks so insane.

The transition From, the Rough Stony lower wall into the dark oak theme above turned out amazing, especially with the emerald on each wall to reference the pillagers that live inside.

If you had told me a few years ago that I'd be able to build a huge castle like this on, my own I would not believe you now.

Another issue I've always had with Woodland Mansions, is that they have no physical features that come from the dark oak forest, even though it's the literal biome they spawn I, did add some mushrooms on the walls of the castle, but that's not enough I'm going to make a giant red mushroom growing inside the walls of the castle that extends far up into the sky.

That looks like a good height for the stem now I just have to fill it in thank God for the discovery of concrete duper, since the stem is as huge as it is.

That just means the top of the mushroom is going to be massive.

Now I could just add some white spots to finish it off.

Mushroom head is literally covering the entire Castle.

Oh my there's so many mobs.

Oh my God anyways.

It's almost like pillagers found a giant red mushroom in the forest and built an entire Castle.

Around I can safely say finding this, while exploring in Minecraft would be really cool.

Now the mini game for the wooden mansion.

The final one is going to be a parkour course up.

The mushroom stem I.

Never realized how hard it is to design a parkour course at least I managed to make the inside of the stem look good.

As you're doing the parkour inside the mushroom head I'm going to design a small replica of a normal Woodland Mansion interior.

Here you can find a few of the wool statues.

Normally in Woodland mansion, these rooms will commemorate the player for completing all of the Mini-Game.

How do you get back to the complex from all the way up here? Trust me come with me we're going to overlook everything.

The fourth and final structure has been upgraded and no matter how unsure I feel about this project.

The judges will soon come and look at the work I've put in over the past few weeks and I don't have to do these flashbacks anymore, because it's about to happen for real what am I even doing okay I'm ready, let's go I, don't like shape my new base, thanks Tazo! No, oh, don't hurt me he's naked.

If the treasure is what you see, Yo he's rhyming the old shipwreck, smiley face, I can't fit in there.

I'm gonna drown, I'm gonna drown, I did it.

Oh my god dude.

Oh my gosh, this looks crazy.

Oh my God, what the hell I did and just like that I've achieved my goal.

The judges liked my upgraded structures, more than I could have ever imagined enjoying every minigame that I made.

Maybe I've just been underestimating my abilities as a builder.

All this time done it yep there we go.

This is so odd.

Yes, do you think that these structures were properly upgraded, oh yeah for sure I think if Minecraft added these into the game, I would be very happy about it.

You really put me through something there tassel I do have to admit these are considerably better than Minecraft's, absolutely terrible structures, foreign.


What is the rarest generated structure in Minecraft? ›

Woodland Mansion is one of the rarest structures in the game. These are massive buildings that only generate in a Dark Oak Forest biome.

What is the best Minecraft structure? ›

Minecraft: Best Dungeons, Ranked By Their Loot
  • 8 Ocean Ruins.
  • 7 Jungle Pyramid.
  • 6 Nether Fortress.
  • 5 Desert Pyramid.
  • 4 Stronghold.
  • 3 Bastion Remnant.
  • 2 Woodland Mansion.
  • 1 End City.
Jan 16, 2022

What's the biggest structure in Minecraft? ›

1) Woodland mansions

Woodland mansions are arguably the biggest and rarest structures in Minecraft.

What is the new structure in Minecraft? ›

Trail Ruins are a new buried structure introduced in Minecraft's Trails & Tales update. They're part of the Archeology feature and can be used to find a variety of new items, from Armor Trims to some new pottery shards.

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