JD's Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream **Online Delivery** @Walmart.COM & @Fedex.com Review (2023)


Couldn't find this brand in my local area, so I ordered online from Walmart.com. In this video, I'll show you how the delivery of JD's Vegan Strawberry Sweetheart went: It wasn't pretty! Note: This is not a paid promotion or endorsement. I paid for the ice cream myself and have not been in contact with Walmart or FedEx, other to complain, or anyone associated with JD's Ice Cream.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the channel today we're going to talk about jd's, vegan ice cream, the strawberry flavor, and yesterday I did the apple butter, and that was pretty good.

That was pretty good, but strawberry is my favorite.

So, even though it took four days to deliver past the delivery dates, I just hung in there and today we got it so we're going to talk about it.

This is going to be a true unboxing, because I haven't opened this one compared to the one I did yesterday.

I was cheating a little bit.

So let me talk a little bit about this.

Jd's vegan presents all natural dairy, free, frozen desserts by acclaimed recording artists, producer entrepreneur and hundred percent vegan jermaine dupree, a true vegan vegan jd is breaking myths about the plant-based lifestyle and the variety it has to offer.

Creamy dreamy, strawberry, puree, swirls and real strawberry chunks.

Ah dipped into a velvety cloud of coconut cream will be your new sweet romance the queen of fresh delight, strawberries pack royal magic.

They raise the flavor profiles of paired ingredients, coating them with a sweetly, satisfying berry taste.

This is almost like poetry, it sounds like bite-sized chunks of this plump and juicy fruit will be found in a swirly serving of strawberry sweetheart, leaving you entranced by good flavor, ah, the coconut, the star source.

Okay, let me stop compose compose yourself.

The tropical fruit creates the buoyant base for all flavors in jd's, vegan, endlessly, smooth, nutty and mild coconut cream supplies the milky full-bodied consistency that elicits the deeply gratifying taste of ice cream.

Basically, what he's saying is this supposed to be good? That's what it that's! What the whole thing says, that's what it sounds like this is good.

It's also saying that we don't use milk.

A lot of people that aren't vegan would say what do you guys use instead of milk? How can you make ice cream all different kind of waste, but they're using coconut cream as the milk substitute there we go so normally I look at ingredients and try to figure out.

You know the least amount of gradients means a good thing right.

There's all these kind of things that you can't pronounce probably a bad thing.

So, let's go over the ingredients and then we'll get to the unboxing unsweetened coconut cream, coconut extract, sixty percent water, filtered water, strawberry, puree, sugar and newlin strawberry pieces, uh tapioca syrup, lemon juice, mm-hmm stabilizer.

I have no idea what that is, but I need stabilized ice cream.

Organic gum, acacia acacia, our gum, you know what, if you haven't, had any gu r gum look.

This gum is good because I like bubble gum, so I'm just saying and kara bean kara bean gum.

Okay, so I probably mispronounced half the things on the list, so I have to do some more research on this says: keep frozen until served, so we need to get this outside the box.

So uh.

If you watch the apple butter, video unboxing, fake unboxing, yesterday, I'm going to confess the box was a little damp.

I thought it was because of condensation this box.

The craziest thing is you can't tell that it's the box isn't cold itself, but I guess inside there's frozen deliciousness that awaits so the way they package.

This is bar nut.

You know I have some concerns about it, but uh yesterday proved all my concerns were not valid.

So, as of yesterday same type of deal open, it up got the packing slip.

Okay, it's a little.

It's a little wet it's a little wet here and I think that's condensation.

You don't need to see the packing slip.

You need to know where I live at.

You can ask me directly I'll direct you to my location, caution, use gloves.

I don't use gloves, I'm just saying: I'm a trained uh dry ice professional.

So here we go.

This is really it's a they mail, you a uh, a cooler.

I mean that's basically what this is.

I could use this if I wanted to now look like a piece of the cooler broke.

That's a part of the handle okay.

So I had a little rough rough way getting here and you know yesterday there is a divider right, there's a cardboard divider between the dry ice and the ice cream.

Okay, so we look like uh.

Look like this box had a little adventure right getting here so dry ice.

There are two bags in the first delivery.

There are four bags right.

What I liked about the dry ice is that after two days it just evaporated, and I just took the plastic bags and just put them in recycle right.

So the little bit of ice left there are only two bags.

The crazy thing is I've uh.

I bought um eight pints instead of four and they give you well probably less dry ice because maybe it couldn't fit and also you don't have the divider.

So that's interesting how the shipping varied right- and you already see like I'm sorry, strawberry, sweetheart, y'all, just had a rough y'all had a rough time getting here.

I can tell because you guys, look assaulted, you look like you were, you were.

You were thrown around at fedex on the way here, I'm just happy that you made it, but you know what still rock solid, still rock solid and frozen even after being four days late.

Whatever happened inside of here, it's gonna stay inside of here, but there was definitely something going on.

It was a party or something this one.

The top came open but, and it takes a lot to open the top, so this was tough tussled around a little bit, but the uh, the top coating is still on it, so I think we're good to go and that one is still all these are rock solid.

So anyway- and this is the other part of the cooler here so cool they're gonna- send you a cooler the cost of each one of these four pint groups was uh 29, so the dry ice.

The cost of the dry ice is in there and um the cost of the cooler and the cost of shipping they're all in there.

So I'm sure, if you got these at walmart, the price will be a little bit lower.

So I'm going to show you guys.

The ingredients here looks like 560 calories per container, no cholesterol's good, uh 25 sodium per serving three servings per container.

I like the how they did that.

Normally when I eat something like this, I'm gonna it's gonna.

Take me a couple times more than three times to finish it so um.

So anyway, there we go hope you enjoyed that all right.

So you know every video that I do like this there's a part two and part two is actually in oh at the end of part one.

So here we go.

Let's check out this strawberry sweetheart all right, let's go all right looks good so far, and it is really I just got this out of the box.

Just got delivered maybe 15 minutes ago.

So it's a little hard a little hard to get.

You know, get a little scoopy scoop.

So let's do that.

Let's see: okay, okay, okay! This is not bad, not bad! Definitely can taste the strawberry.

That's a little strawberry bits in there.

You can see little bits: okay, okay, we're going to add this to the rotation.

I don't know one out of ten: hmm I'll, probably give it a.

I don't know eight, maybe eight and a half.

Oh crap, y'all didn't see that um, so yeah, probably about eight and a half, something like that.

I definitely would buy more in the in the future, so yeah nah not bad at all, not bad at all.


Thanks for watching subscribe, all those good things, let me know if you've had jb's vegan ice cream and what you think about it.

So we can compare notes have a great day.

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