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Hey guys! It's HyRoolLegend coming at you guys with another video of Cookie Run Kingdom. After a week of Snapdragon Cookie & Tarte Tatin Cookie, I am updating the PVP/Arena Tier List to show the changes that took place within the "Meta." The arena teams are expanding right now, and there is no one "ABSOLUTE BEST COMP," but it would be good to know who you might want to invest in or stop investing in right now. Hope you guys find the video helpful!

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All right guys so with the release of tartan cookie as well as Snapdragon, cookie I, think it's about time for me to update the PVP tier list for The, Arena, June, 2023 and, of course, uh before I hop into the actual tier list.

I do want to.

Let you guys know that this is going to be based on my opinion, as well.

As my experience inside of the pure vanilla server and honestly speaking, The Meta might slightly be different depending on what server you guys are playing.

So pure, vanilla, hullabary and dark account might have a slight difference in the defense cookies for the top 100, because each individual server might follow a slightly different Trend and for this particular tier list, guys I just want to quickly just go over all the cookies in the bottom tier.

These cookies are like the D tier C tier as well as B tier are just going to be decent cookies uh.

You know you guys can use them, especially if you guys are just starting out, but I highly recommend to not invest a ton into these cookies unless they kind of overlap with PVE tailors, which I'll release soon as well, but for the arena right now with the current meta, if you guys are planning to use them further into the meta, then I highly recommend you guys to invest in cookies from the S SS, as well as the meta and uh try to stay away from the bottom tier alright.

But one thing that I do want to add here is that tartar tan cookie is going to be added to the Atria as of right now for the PVP.

She has a very unique skill, but it's really hard to take advantage of inside of the Arena, at least as of right now, because her kit is going to be based on the amount of kills that she is able to do.

However, because the cookies are so tanky and because they are safeguarded- and you know the battle goes on up till like one minute, even the 30 second Mark Tartan is not able to really shine.

She definitely does way better within the PVE aspect of things.

So I will add her into that later on, but for the arena, tartatan is going to be around good, eight tier as a right now, all right.

So these cookies right here are going to be the bottom half of the tier list.

Uh they are again can be used, especially the a tier but uh.

Besides, that, I would say, try to stay away from it if possible.

Now, moving on to the meta, these cookies are going to be the ones that are going to really um.

You know make up the majority of the cookies inside of the arena and starting off.

Of course it's still going to be pure vanilla, as well as Halle Berry, the two ancient cookies, and then we have our BTS still going to be in the meta because uh you know, people are not able to get Snapdragon right away and they might have still already invested in BTS, still really really good, stunned immunity and all that stuff.

So good there uh we have started as well as Moonlight.

They still haven't lost their position.

Yet uh we have cap season as well as Pattaya, so I have taken your advice and I do completely agree with you guys, especially after the release of Snapdragon, that Camp season is going to be used a lot more frequent than uh.

You know Madeline and then last one is going to be sherbet I've released a video yesterday.

Talking about the uh, you know, sherbet, comp and sherbet is actually really really really good inside of the Arena right now, even without Frost Queen, so I highly recommend you guys to check that video out and I believe that surebit is going to be part of the meta for the June 2023 and before we hop into the SST I.

Do want to add Snapdragon into this because without a doubt, Snapdragon is going to be the meta right now, uh.

Definitely in majority of the cases way better than uh.

You know BTS and uh definitely going to shut down specific cookies, like even Pinecone, all right indirectly, because you're not immune to stun you're just resistant to stun so you're, not even going to be taking that extra damage from pine cones.

You know stun immunity, uh extra damage, so that's even better right now, uh, you know you'd still get out of stuns, really really quickly.

You get out of sleeps really really quickly with the debuff resist, and on top of that you do get a tag uh.

You know you get Shield, you get uh damages and all of that stuff as well.

So super super good and highly recommend you guys to log in at least you know every five days or so to pull for Snapdragon for uh free as a free-to-play player.

So now, moving on to the SS tier is going to be Madeline with the magic candy we got queen of man.

We got mala sauce with the magic candy we got brood.

We got blueberry pie, Frost Queen.

We got space Donuts, still black pearl squidding with the magic candy.

We got Captain caviar and we got cream puff with the magic candy So within the SS tier.

That I want to kind of talk about it's going to be Madeleine Madeline again because of the release of Snapdragon has been pushed out a little bit, uh not completely met us, but still a taskb comp.

It's still really really good guys, but just keep in mind because Snapdragon provides a decent amount of damage, resist right off the bat.

It is gotten a lot harder to kill off some of the enemies, uh right away with the ataspy comp.

So please be aware of that when you guys are using your same Compass before and then another one that I want to kind of talk about, it's going to be blueberry Pi because of the release of Snapdragon and with the stun resistant rather than stun immunity.

Blu-Ray pod has been kind of indirectly be been buffed.

Of course, there is still that damage resist, but because you are able to gain Stacks now with stuns like brood as well as with like Halle berries, uh, you know Stacks as well.

You are able to at least provide a little bit more stats, a lot faster, rather than uh, just being completely shut down by BTS, using brute.

So with that there has been a little indirect buff that blueberry pie has received, and still people are still using like the blueberry pie.

One shot, but I do recommend if you guys have the chance, just create the Stardust one shot, which is going to be probably the best one right now all right and that's going to be the SS tier now.

Moving on to the S tier is going to be a wallberry uh.

We got werewolf with the magic candy.

We got purple yam with the magic candy Milky Way is now going to be an S tier um have not seen too many milky ways anymore, because it's either going to be.

You know a space donut, just directly being the single tank for the one shot, and then we got red velvet.

We got vampire with magic candy we got eclair, we got prune juice, we got pine cone, we got espresso with magic, candy latte, with the magic candy herb as well as parfait.

Alright, so these cookies are still decently, really really good uh.

You know they do a pretty darn well in carrying you guys throughout the lower ranks of the Arena, especially if you guys are able to create the magic candy for them like latte and espresso, and pine cone still really good prune juice actually going to still be pretty decent with the poison damage to deal with someone like capsaicin as well.

We got red velvet one shot, comp, still really really good uh still being used here and there we got parfa and Herb.

The other two support, slash healers that are still being used inside of the Arena to counter like one shot comps and be a replacement for BTS or Snapdragon, and we got the tanks uh.

They are decent.

But of course the number one top pick is going to be Halle, Berry and then Pattaya and then capsize it right now.

So this is pretty much going to be the PVP tier list for June 2023, I kind of went over it really really quickly, but I think this is going to be a good General overview and, of course, if you guys want to find a specific video, specific comps that you might be able to use inside of the Arena check out my individual videos that I showcase uh, you know specific teams that I am currently using that I have tested and solved pretty decent results inside of the pure vanilla server.

Anyways guys, thanks for watching I, will update you guys with the PVE Tier list very soon.

But while you're at that try to check out my other videos and I'll see you guys over there.


Who is the strongest cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023? ›

Cookies that tend to perform best in any situation and hence are the most valued options available include Eclair, Sea Fairy, Sorbet Shark, Pure Vanilla, Cotton, Clotted Cream, WildBerry, Moonlight Cookie, and Dark Cacao Cookies.

What is the best team in Cookie Run: Kingdom 2023? ›

Holyberry, Financier, Sherbet, Frost Queen and Pure Vanilla: Mixing Sherbet with Frost Queen you'll find great control of the battlefield with this team as Sherbet offering debuff resistance to the team that makes them an ideal pairing with Frost Queen, Moonlight or Black Pearl.

Who is the strongest Cookie Run: Kingdom character? ›

Here are the strongest cookies currently in the game:
  • Pumpkin Pie.
  • Eclair.
  • Dark Cacao.
  • Black Pearl.
  • Schwardwalder.
  • Cotton.
  • Clotted Cream.
Jan 10, 2023

Who is the best magic cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Magic Cookie Tier List
TierMagic Cookie
ABlueberry Pie Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
BDevil Cookie, Latte Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie
CMacaron Cookie, Mango Cookie
DBlackberry Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Wizard Cookie
Apr 5, 2023

Is eclair cookie better than cotton cookie? ›

So, which is better? Well, that really depends on your personal preferences. If you like chocolate and cream, then you will probably prefer eclair cookies. If you like cotton candy and nuts, then you will probably prefer cotton cookies.

Who is the best tank in CRK? ›

Wildberry Cookie is your classic tank. He hits hard, takes damage like a pro, and has some useful abilities to help buff the defense of the rest of the party. If used correctly, this cookie could be one of the most powerful defense cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Who is the best healer in cookie run kingdom? ›

Not only that, but his ability ends up increasing the party's critical hit chances by 25 percent for a whopping seven seconds. This skill alone can change the tide of the battle incredibly quickly. Ultimately, Sparkling Cookie is easily one of the best healers you can get at the moment in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Is cotton cookie or oyster cookie better? ›

For example, Oyster can't heal herself or her allies which puts her at a disadvantage compared to say Cotton who can cause heal, inflict damage, and boost attack output. This makes her more useful for a wider variety of team builds.

Who is the best ancient cookie run? ›

Due to her great all-rounder stats, Hollyberry Cookie is the best Might of the Ancients pick, as she can serve as a great tank and charging defense for the entire team in any of the game's modes. Her skill pushes enemies back, which helps earn the team time against heavy hitters such as Raspberry Cookie.

Is Twizzly gummy cookie a girl? ›

Twizzly Gummy Cookie has a chaotic and psychotic disposition to her, liking to cause havoc across time and space simply for her enjoyment.

Is unicorn cookie better than pure vanilla? ›

In terms of just healing, both Cookies provide largely the same amount, with Cream Unicorn slightly more effective for PvE and BTS Cookies a little better in PvP. What sets them apart are the perks they each bring to your Cookie Run: Kingdom team.

Who is the most evil cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Dark Enchantress Cookie serves as the main villain of the Cookie Run universe and poses as a major threat to GingerBrave and company, even managing to overpower The Five.

Who is the most cutest character in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Mint Choco Cookie

He's just a dreamboat who is literally winking in his character art. His official character description even reveals that his musical talents and “dashing looks make him a favorite among the Cookies.” Humble in nature, Mint Choco Cookie is the full package, putting him on the top spot on this list.

What are eclair cookies pronouns? ›

So, what gender is an eclair cookie? Well, in French, the word for eclair is masculine, so one could say that an eclair cookie is male. However, in English, the word eclair is actually considered to be gender-neutral. So, an eclair cookie could just as easily be considered to be female.

How good is Twizzly gummy Cookie? ›

During gameplay, Twizzly Gummy Cookie has the most hits in her normal attack of any Cookie, totaling 6 hits.

Can vampire cookies heal? ›

Vampire Cookie is an Epic unit accompanied by Oak Barrel, that was released on July 26th, 2018. He has the ability to steal HP from enemies when attacking them, healing himself.

Who is Eclair Cookie shipped with? ›

Most of their interactions are implied, and in the story where Latte Cookie and Eclair Cookie are more in focus, it still focuses more on Eclair Cookie's relationship with Tea Knight Cookie. Shippers of EclairLatte most often ship the two alongside Espresseleine, much like the Pair The Spares trope.

Is Kumiho cookie good? ›

Although Kumiho Cookie isn't necessarily a Cookie in the first place, her power and ability to transform into one classes her instantly as one of the best Charge 'Cookies' in the game.

Is Legendary better than Ancient CRK? ›

Is Legendary better than Ancient CRK? Legendaries are on par with the Ancient rarity and currently have a 0.054% chance of being pulled from the Cookie Gacha.

Who is Wildberry cookie? ›

Wildberry Cookie is a loyal guard of the Hollyberry Kingdom. He is also a pivotal character in the new story mode 'Cookie Odyssey' and its first chapter 'The Council of Heroes'.

Who is the main character in CRK? ›

When players drop into the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom, their first introduction is done through the eyes of GingerBrave. He is your typical hero-type character, and while he may be the protagonist and poster character of the game, he isn't the only cookie character.

Is herb better than pure vanilla? ›

Herb Cookie is a great healer option, just as good as pure vanilla... if not better.

Is milk cookie a healer? ›

Milk Cookie is an Epic Cookie released alongside his Pet, Milk Angel. He has the ability to summon a large shield to defeat Evil Spirits, granting points and sacrificing energy, as well as the ability to occasionally heal himself. Purple Yam Cookie.

Is Sea Fairy Cookie good? ›

Sea Fairy Cookie is very much a damage dealer who can also stun enemies with her special water attacks, so it's good to keep Toppings in mind that enhance those moves for her.

Why does espresso cookie hate light magic? ›

One possibility is that he was born in the Tribe's village and left at some point, or that he was born to other Coffee Tribe members who left the Tribe's village to live in the Republic. Espresso Cookie harbors strong contempt towards Light Magic, which fuels part of his initial annoyance towards Madeleine Cookie.

Who is the best bomber in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

1) Sea Fairy Cookie

The only Legendary Class Bomber Cookie, she has an insane DMG rating and is a must-have for any high-ranking team for every game mode.

Is squid ink cookie good? ›

In most Cookie Run: Kingdom situations, Espresso will take the lead over Squid Ink and should be preferred for large-scale investments. That being said, Squid Ink can be a decent secondary DPS in a Black Pearl or Sea Fairy anchored burst team if players are short of one and don't have the resources to make more pulls.

What is the oldest cookie run? ›


Who are the 5 Ancient Cookies? ›

In a world populated with anthropomorphized dessert items (created by witches using cookie batter and Life Powder), the 5 Ancient Cookies - Pure Vanilla, White Lily, Hollyberry, Dark Cacao, and Golden Cheese - created their own kingdoms and were given Soul Jams, which granted them special powers and immortality.

Will white lily cookie be playable? ›

At the beginning of your playthrough, you will have to play the prologue with a few characters called Ancient Cookies. White Lily Cookie is one of these Ancient Cookies and she will be playable in the prologue.

Is Angel Cookie a girl? ›

Angel Cookie had the female pronoun "her" in its description silently removed in Cookie Run: New World update. This was due to the realization of an incorrect translation. Thus, Angel Cookie is now the first Cookie to have been referred to as 'it' in its description, going by the order of the Cookies.

Is Aloe Cookie a girl? ›

Aloe Cookie was originally an NPC that appeared within the story of AI Run: Cyborg Menace, before she could became playable. She is a green-haired scientist with a seemingly prosthetic right leg and a scouter over one eye.

Who is the best charge cookie? ›

1 Dark Cacao Cookie

As one of the few Legendary cookies available in the game and the only Charge Legendary, it's no surprise that Dark Cacao Cookie is easily the best Charge cookie in the entire game.

Which rare cookies are good? ›

Custard Cookie III and Chili Pepper Cookie belong to the Rare and Epic tiers respectively, and both are sufficiently capable of handling the needs of a new player.

Is Milky Way cookie good? ›

While Milky Way can be an excellent tank, she is unlikely to put up significant DMG numbers. If players are willing to have her at the Front, knocking back the enemy, healing, and providing important debuffs, Milky Way is an excellent investment.

Are the dragon cookies evil? ›

Personality. Lychee Dragon Cookie is shown to be sadistic, and a very manipulative dragon who seeks Cookies' love by taking their souls. They also hate any Cookie that tries to disrupt their plans.

Who is the main villain in CRK? ›

Dark Enchantress Cookie is a main antagonist from both Cookie Run Kingdom and Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

Is mushroom cookie evil? ›

Poison Mushroom Cookie is one of the major antagonists in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are a servant of Dark Enchantress Cookie and a member of the Cookies of Darkness.

What is the rarest tier in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

All the available Cookies fall into one of the following rarity ranks (arranged from most to least rare): Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient.

What are the best rare characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list – B Tier
Cherry CookieRareRear
Dark Choco CookieEpicFront
Devil CookieRareMiddle
Kumiho CookieEpicFront
17 more rows
Feb 20, 2023

Is White Choco Cookie a girl? ›

Without it, she remains delicate and precise. Watch her perfect hair shine with every step she takes. White Choco Cookie can always be found surrounded by her devoted Cookie fans. With her excellent skill and dapper appearance, it's no wonder she makes the hearts of her female fans bubble with adoration.

Is raspberry cookie a female? ›

Both have relations to an ancient cookie. And there are several more things, even minor thing such as, both are female. Along with their simularites are their differences, Raspberry Cookie, was never banished from her kingdom.

Is espresso cookie non-binary? ›

LGBTQ+ Coded. Though not explicitly confirmed in canon, the official Cookie Run: Kingdom twitter has featured both fan works and a Valentines Day post featuring Espresso Cookie and Madeleine Cookie as a possible couple, both Cookies being male.

What Cookies have no pronouns? ›

No Pronouns Characters
  • Chess Choco Cookie.
  • Lobster Cookie.
  • Cyborg Cookie.
  • Goblin Cookie.

Is Twizzly Gummy a villain? ›

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is one of the antagonists in Cookie Run: Kingdom being the main antagonist in the Interdimensional Super Mayhem story.

Is raspberry Cookie rare? ›

As the 2023 Girl Scout cookie season nears its end, the new Raspberry Rally cookies have become hard to find. It's the first flavor sold exclusively online, and troops have struggled to keep up with the demand.

What is the most op cookie in cookie run? ›

Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Magic Cookies, Ranked
  1. 1 Moonlight Cookie.
  2. 2 Clotted Cream Cookie. ...
  3. 3 Pumpkin Pie Cookie. ...
  4. 4 Frost Queen Cookie. ...
  5. 5 Espresso Cookie. ...
  6. 6 Blueberry Pie Cookie. ...
  7. 7 Licorice Cookie. ...
  8. 8 Squid Ink Cookie. ...
Jun 7, 2023

Is Milky Way Cookie strong? ›

While Milky Way can be an excellent tank, she is unlikely to put up significant DMG numbers. If players are willing to have her at the Front, knocking back the enemy, healing, and providing important debuffs, Milky Way is an excellent investment.

Who is the strongest dragon cookie run? ›

Several eons ago, the Red Dragon was the strongest Dragon of them all, and ruled over the Dragon's Valley with an iron fist. It was seen as a godlike figure from everything below it, legends being shared about it and all of its' nefarious deeds.

Who is the best tank in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

What are the best tanks in crk? Holly for overall for tankiness, Cacao for more damage but still tanks a lot. My only advice is to use Cocoa if you're just starting out or don't have these other cookies, however she's decent for guild battle and good for ATK SPD comps.

Is Milky Way Cookie a girl? ›

Milky Way Cookie is a supporting and playable character of the mobile game series Cookie Run Kingdom franchise. She is the protagonist of the Invitation from the Slumbering Moon event alongside with Moonlight Cookie as well as a cookie released along with her during the event in january 19th of 2023.

How strong is Hollyberry Cookie? ›

Hollyberry is one of the strongest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom but you can expect the best results only after giving her proper Toppings. Here's a list of the best Toppings for Hollyberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Is pure vanilla cookie good? ›

All things considered, Pure Vanilla is definitely a top-tier healer in the current Cookie Run: Kingdom meta, with his already strong healing capabilities being further accentuated by the new additions, and the Ancient Cookie can go toe-to-toe with any other healers in the game, including Cream Unicorn and BTS.

What gender is oyster cookie? ›

Oyster Cookie is an Elder of the Crème Republic Convocation of Elders. She is the head of House Oyster, whose sphere of influence is maritime trade, and is known for its riches and skills in information brokerage.

What is the hardest boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Raspberry Cookie Run Kingdom guide: How to beat the Raspberry boss at level 11-27. Defeating the Raspberry boss at level 11-27 is incredibly difficult in Cookie Run Kingdom, so we've got you covered with this guide filled with everything that you need to know about overcoming one of the toughest levels in the game.

Who is the best ancient cookie? ›

The Best Might of the Ancients Cookie

Due to her great all-rounder stats, Hollyberry Cookie is the best Might of the Ancients pick, as she can serve as a great tank and charging defense for the entire team in any of the game's modes.

Who is the best epic healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom? ›

Ultimately, Sparkling Cookie is easily one of the best healers you can get at the moment in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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