The Cookie Clicker Experience (2023)


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Cookie Clicker has a lot of achievements from making a million cookies to becoming a God to this I promised I'd get all of them in a week.

This is what happened: okay, one two: three, a hundred quadrillion the apocalypse has begun and I have a dragon.

Sorry, there's a lot of time.

Travel involved in baking, cookies I got lost four five, six every time, I click, this big cookie, I, create one cookie.

I can buy buildings to give me cookies each second, so I got a cursor to click for me and Grandma's baked cookies for me, but for some reason their description unnerves me a nice Grandma to bake more cookies.

Nobody who's, nice has to say they're, nice I'm sure it's fine, indention servitude, yeah, that's fine! I bought more curses and grandmas until I got the achievement for baking a thousand cookies in one Ascension.

What does that mean? It's probably fine.

Now, it's time to name my bakery, I'll use the same creative writing method.

I do for all my videos, I get the random word generator and boom.

Okay, I accidentally opened the letter generator, but that's perfect.

I can now buy upgrades.

I can make my curses Stronger by exposing my fingers to sunlight and morning and gives its own achievement.

Now that I have a thousand cookies I can buy my own Farm to grow cookie plants on you see you see my cookie plant, don't ask why it's purple.

It got me another achievement.

I now have 10 achievements, also known as one percent I bought a bunch more Grandma's to bake more cookies, and they each have name.

One achievement is to sell a grandma I'm.

Looking at you, Vera 56 cookies per second, who would need more than 56 cookies.

Every second illegal fracking has uncovered.

There is cookie dough deep within the Earth's crotch, so we're sending our labor force of grandmothers into the mines to retrieve it, although they might be angry because there are three I lost.

The original clip of this, so I'm recording from the future.

Ignore that the grandmas look different.

It's fine.

There are three Verras she's multiplying to appease her I'm renaming the bakery from s to Vera.

Now we're really making cookies.

Oh damn a golden cookie click.

It frenzy now I get seven times more cookies for 77 seconds golden cookies, spawn around every 10 minutes and give a bunch of different Buffs.

You need to make a decision.

How do I spend my 70 000 cookie, a donate them to the poor to help world hunger.

B buy more radioactive fertilizer C appease with Grandma's, because they are getting scary.

It begins.

Sarah is now a farm as Tom Scott discovered.

The best thing is control of the means of production, so we've started mass-producing cookies in factories, giving an achievement of a hundred total buildings which makes Grandma's buildings without a golden cookie.

With a golden cookie I go to a million cookies already and unlocked the greatest achievements so far completing the cursor wheel.

The government is trying to get me to pay my workers in real money instead of cookies, so I created my own bank that will take over the economy and turn regular currency obsolete, replacing it with cookies.

Making me the proud owner of three percent of the achievement.

The next building is a temple, so we're gonna need to start a religion.

First, we have to choose something to worship.

The obvious answer is cats specifically kittens achievements, aren't only my personal goal, but they're incredibly important in the game.

The more achievements you have, the more milk you get underneath the cookie, the milk attracts kittens that will work for me in exchange for the meal.

This is the circle of life, which gave me an achievement for 50 upgrades, We rise, I'm.

Sure, that's fine.

In good news, I've baked 100 million cookies I can now feed one American family for two weeks.

New achievement should start getting a lot faster because producing cookies with factories is great, but what's better is summoning cookies with witchcraft, I bought a wizard tower.

Don't ask why this guy is purple.

I got an achievement.

Hypixel sent me a cease and desist and I unlocked sugar.

Lumps sugar lumps grow in the corner of your screen over 24 hours and can be used to unlock mini games.

Also, the milk turned chocolate flavored showing I have 25 achievements.

I'm, making progress not in life I've been sitting here, clicking a cookie for almost a full day already.

Luckily, I've unlocked the first golden cookie upgrade golden cookies appear twice as often and stay twice as long.

There are three versions of this upgrade once I have them all I'll be able to start golden cookie combo as seven times frenzy multiplayer with a Time 777 click frenzy multiplier for a total of 5439 times cookie production for 26 seconds also I feel like I.

Remember a sacred achievement: I just have to bend the fabric of reality.

Real, quick and the cookie can fit into any space larger than its neck.

I dunked, the cookie in milk.

The kittens are happy, the grandmas aren't I'm sure that's fine I'll, let them be priestesses of the catco that should calm them down.

Who would need more than 56 cookies every second, the problem is I have been too successful.

My operation has turned every piece of wheat into cookies.

There's nothing left on earth, that is, we are now taking other planets cookies to feed.

Our addiction, I should have mentioned cookie.

Burger has one of the most in-depth laws of any game that time travel.

You saw earlier with the cataclysmic ending I only had 20 of the achievements.

This blue bar up here is a counter to one trillion.

Cookies bag you'll find out what it does later: 10 million cookies per second 50 factories.

Cool me.

No, my trillion cookies are close.

I have conquered many planets to achieve cookies.

The milk has turned blood red with achievements.

The time is coming, the grandmas are fine, everything is fine, I've invented Alchemy, so I can turn useless gold into cookies.

I've done it plus one.

This number is my Ascension level.

It also has three other names, I'll use without explaining them, and it represents how many parallel universes that I can take over with my cookie Empire when I reset, but I'm not ready for that.

Yet I'll wait until there's at least a hundred to take over, but right now, I have something to worry about a grandma related upgrade.

What could possibly keep those grandmothers in check? Bingo bingo is fine.

Bingo is say.

My only concern is that it's also a research facility.

Nothing good happens in a facility.

I may have something that can keep them at Bay.

My sugar lump is ready to be harvested.

I can now purchase the first mini game.

Yes, this means it's been 24 hours.

For me, since I explained sugar lumps the first mini game.

Is the wizard grimoire I can now cast more magical, spells that'll help me on my cookie, creating Adventure the Spells range from useless to confusing to absolutely broken.

Contrabaked Goods gives you some cookies unless it backfires, and then it takes your cookie Force.

The hand of Fate is the greatest thing humankind has ever created I'd.

Rather we never made penicillin if it meant we got for top faster.

There are seven other spells, but I don't have to talk about them, because none of them are as good as this one force the hand of fate or fit off summons a golden cookie out of thin air.

So here is a naturally occurring golden cookie, I use the spell, and now I have golden cookies.

This one gives me click frenzy time 777, and this won't give me lucky.

Damn it.

You see the point, though, it's possible with the right RNG to combine the two.

Now we wait 30 minutes for my Mana to regenerate so how's your day been.

Did you brush your teeth? Oh I can skip golden cookies and they both gave the same frenzy, so it just lasts twice.

As long doesn't stack attempt three.

It backfired attempt 4 frenzy and clicker frenzy I did it Google go make more cookies than God intended.

Who would need more than 56 cookies? Every I got more achievements approaching my new goal of a hundred parallel universe, but sadly we have already plundered every planet in the observable universe.

For their cookies, there's no places left, but actually we haven't invaded alternate Dimensions.

Yet, with my immense world, I can finally open a portal to another dimension.

To take more cookies.

Dimensions are versions of one universe, so each Universe has many dimensions and I got the frenzy combo again another universe that comes to the might of the cookie Empire I win a cookie wait.

Why do I win a cookie after taking over Dimensions I finally made it on the local news and I have 10 of the achievement with this new double cookie combo I'm, making days worth of cookies in seconds regular idol play is almost useless now and now that I've taken over all planets in all Dimensions, there isn't much.

I can do now, but what, if it wasn't now I've invented time, travel to get cookies from every point in history and collect them for myself a hundred years ago, dran negative un was baking for this moment.

I bought my 150th grandma and got into even which called them the Ancients and I think we should rename all retirement homes to home of the Ancients ending world.

Hunger is, but a mere stepping stone to my God I got another frenzy, combo making 50 trillion cookies almost enough to buy the final golden cookie upgrade with it.

It's possible to have two natural golden cookie effects.

At the same time, with a foot off, you can get three Buffs at once, and here we go three cookie Strat lucky ruin failure.

Why do my grandma's look strange? Why does one have the Black Op ray gun? I? Don't think that's for Bingo! Nobody, who's, nice has to say they're, not I, think I'm hallucinating did we break space-time already.

We now have kitten helpers workers and Engineers who are building the Bingo facility and call me, sir, also I'm up to eight universe, but at this point, I'm turning all matter in all dimensions on all planets at all times into cookies, but I haven't used all the anti-matter.

We now condense antimatter into cookies.

I've done a lot of quantum physics.

Research for this video.

Do you know about anti-neutrons, because now I do I only wanted all the achievements in a steam game and I'm 15 of the way there at the top of the screen.

There are news reports about things like all the gold in the world, turning into cookies or other unimportant things.

Sometimes the grandmas take over and send me messages, I'm, not sure how, but it's fine another achievement for clicking too much and I have orange milk I need to speed this up if I'm getting all achievement.

The only piece of technology powerful enough is the Bingo research facility, Gotta Give him 30 minutes to do the research, though another way to speed up baking is through creating a religion.

It's been another 24 hours and I have another sugar lump.

We do already worship cats, but now we can unlock the pantheon mini game through the temple.

There are a bunch of gods and I get to worship three of them.

They are the boring God bad guy from Zelda creepy, Emoji, God I think that's a penguin with a toboggan best option so far go to buildings, God of clicking how God all seeing eye of Doom, Jeremy and finally Godzilla using Godzilla gives access to a new boss.

Selling a building gives one percent more cookies.

Each clip so selling 300 buildings gives 300 percent more more cookies.

From clicks now, look at this I have clicker frenzy I used for top for another cookie I sell 400 of my weaker buildings, I click, the other cookie for frenzy, and now I have 21 756 seconds worth of cookies.

Every click and I'm clicking 10 times per second.

This combo gave me four weeks of cookies in 10 seconds, which means I've converted all matter and antimatter in all Dimensions at all times into cookies.

There's truly, nothing left for me.

Unless I don't need, Mata I can use light itself and you thought I was dumb when I grew cookie plants and you thought I was dumb when I spent four days on this game, you thought it wasn't.

Fine, there's a lot of ways to play this game.

Different wizard spells and religion combos for different play style, but I'm, not explaining them, because the only play style, I approve of is obsessive clicking.

Now that I'm turning light into cookies, the grandmas have finished their research project.

So far it does seem.

Fine I got another boost, including a buff, based on how many grandmas I own in those 10 seconds, I got months worth of cooking.

Who would need more than 50 I'm, getting more and more achievements, but still not a hundred parallel universes worth I'd have to get really lucky to get more cookies.

Now good thing, I can create luck itself.

Turning light into cookies is for [ __ ] amateurs I can by chance makers that generate cookies out of thin air.

Through sheer luck, the grandmas have researched rolling pins that have eyes and for the next 12 hours, I waited until my Mana was full, get ready to sell my buildings and test my lock on getting combos.

Eventually, The Grandmaster minded my attention.

The one mind upgrade the grandmas are growing.

Restless do not encourage them.

We are one.

We are many I think this.

This is fine.

I, don't want to be negative, but it might not be fine.

They are getting aggressive and they've started summoning demons to eat my cookies, oh killing, it gave me an achievement.

Everything is fine.

I got another frenzy.

Give me hundreds of quadrillions of cookies.

Everything is fine.

The amount of Grandma demons is increasing.

The Grandma's anger is increasing, I've got another click friend, I might be able to escape this universe.

I'm going to bait, you Grandma what the heck all the Hope lost, wrinkled flesh, tendrils, visible from space I'm leaving I'm out I, went too far.

Nightmare continues.

I'm, ascending I will lose all my cookies all my buildings, but maybe I can reach even greater Heights and there it go the cookie breaks.

Now we are introduced to the cookie clicker afterlife, not a term.

You thought you'd hear today.

Each Universe gives me a prestige level.

Give me one percent more cookie and I get 170 Heavenly chips to spend on permanent, upgrade better cookies, a book on how to raise a cookie, Dragon I can start the game with kitten overseers and more types of cookies.

Throughout the game, I was baking different types of cookies, white, chocolate, cookies, cinnamon, cookies, caramel, cookies, Pizza.

Some of them are a little weird and we're back with zero cookies and a bunch of achievements for ascending, and we start clicking all over again this time it should be much faster with all my new upgrades, but, more importantly, since we stopped the apocalypse, none of my grandmas are called Vera.

I can finally say this: Bakery is mine.

We're already about 56 cookies per sec and I can buy a dragon egg.

Here he is a little egg that wants 1 million cookies to have what a greedy bastard.

Just like me, I'm gonna need to increase the Grandma's work hours to afford it.

I'm sure that'll end got a frenzy and can now feed my Dragon 2 million cookies.

It wants four million.

Eight million I have a baby Cookie dragon, and its first boost to me is to make kittens five percent more effective, which is useful, except I, didn't read that it sacrifices your best building and I thought.

Something was wrong, so I just kept changing it over and over losing all my money and buildings.

But it's fine I have another sugar lump now, there's a new mini game and this one's called Bloons Tower Defense six.

This is a balloons, video the whole time.

No, it's actually a mini game with the Farms called the garden, and it has graphs and flow charts.

More complex than real life.

Ecology started growing wheat and, if I'm lucky I'll mutate it into a cooler plant, I put in Godzilla immediately got a click, a frenzy and a trillion cookies.

My goal for this Ascension is 25 of their cheats.

My dragon's name is crumbler and he'll unlock a new buff if I feed him 100 curses and another with a hundred grandmas and Farms unlock a new golden cookie, buff called Dragon Harvest that gives 15 times production and looks really really cool.

There's a giant dragon over my cookie, but that's not all ancient legends speak of another cookie bar dragonflight, giving 111 times cookies per click rocketing, major quintillions of cookies, almost enough to feed Kirby.

But what more could there be I'm already baking, all cookies in all Dimensions at all times, in all parallel universes with all gods and all dragons help, but what, if all wasn't all what? If we use mathematical Infinity to create a larger oars? The fractal engine side note I just realized that my voice is dying because I've been yelling about cookies.

For, however long and I should take a break record, the rest of this video tomorrow, but in the spirit of doing trivial things for way too long, I'm just gonna keep going, and you can hear my vocal cords destroy themselves for cookies.

Maths lesson: a fractal is usually a pattern that creates a shape that has self-similarity one whose component parts resemble the whole.

So if you zoom in on a fractal, it will still look like the larger shape.

If you take a piece of a fractal, that piece will also contain the entire fractal, though this definition has been debated and changed.

It'll do for our purposes, so in cookie clicker, a self-similar cookie can have a piece taken out of it and become too full cookie and with them I'm making 100 trillion cookies each SEC.

If you've been paying attention, then you should know what the ultimate combo is.

The 777 times, click frenzy with the one one one times dragonflight with the seven times frenzy.

If you add the Godzilla buff and assume 10 clicks per second for 10 seconds, that's 383 years of cookie production in 10 seconds.

Just like this! Well, no, it's an incredibly small chance, but that's the idea.

Also I've grown corn attempt to at the 300 year play lucky ruin.

Failure attempt three hey clicker frenzy is still pretty good and universes are preparing to be taken by me, but now that I'm making Infinity cookies recursively in all universes in all Dimensions at all times, what could possibly be left? Is this the end? Well, it turns out it's all the simulation, because Cookie Clicker is a video game, a self-aware video game that lets the code of the game.

Add to your cookie count in JavaScript.

I am now baking cookies using the code of the game itself, which means it's time.

I address the cheating allegations that are probably in the comments already.

It is very easy to cheat in cookie clicker.

You can access the game, console and type game dot cookies equals whatever you want and you'll get them, but I refuse I would never do that.

I probably should have I could have made this video in two hours of cheated gameplay instead of 100 hours of clicking, but there is an achievement you unlock for hacking in cookies.

At the end, I'll show you I don't have way.

That means I won't get that achievement, so I can't get every achievement.

What the other people are also freaking out about this okay Dan is having a crisis over.

It's fine I'll just get every achievement and then hack in one cook, I kept getting dragonflights or frenzies, but never at the same time, then I accidentally solved world hunger and the game told me.

I should probably stop, but I only have 24 of the achievement.

The game started.

Fighting back.

It turned my grandma's into oven, My, Wizard Towers into me.

My time, machines into theme parks, the day was April 1st and the game thought I was at full.

It also really ruins my reveal for the next building.

Now that I'm baking cookies in every Universe in all Dimensions at all times from the source code.

How could I possibly bake more, of course, lateral expansions there.

It is there's my lateral expansion.

You can guess what it actually.

The April Fool's season is called a business day and so I'm using my next sugar lump on the most businessy minigame, the stock market.

Do you need to understand the stock market to play? Cookie Clicker? Yes, do I understand the stock market.

No I know that you can buy stocks of cookie ingredients if they go up.

You sell them profit, so I bought 10 stocks of butter and I'll hold them until I feel it's safe to sell them.

I've changed my mind: I bought every stock I'm playing both sides.

So no matter what I win, I've already lost eleven thousand dollars, not cookies dollars, I'm ascending, so this all resets and can forget about it.

I'm now, Prestige 5000 I bought a golden cookie, buff, more types of cookies and a way to change Seasons.

So I can replace business day with something good.

I also unlocked some demons, but that's not important and I'm back again, 30 seconds in and I'm at a million Cooks I played the game normally for a while until I could change Seasons to Christmas the snow is falling over the cookies and my grandmas are back to being creepy.

Wait, there's something down by crumbler.

It's a festive test tube.

This test tube tells the true life story of Santa.

He was the manifestation of Christmas joy that turned into an elf fetus growing up through life.

He became a lazy teen taking creatine, finally accepting his role as Santa bringing Joy to the World the end, and then he grew old and resentful of the world for not giving him presents his hatred took over him like a cancer eventually becoming an All-Seeing Eye.

He sees you when you're sleeping.

He knows when you are awake.

He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good or you won't get any cookies.

But more importantly, he gave me 15 new upgrades, doubling my CPS and now even further than my last Ascension, also there's a reindeer click it to pet it, and now I have lime milk.

That means I have 150, achieves the game's still trying to get me to quit, even though I'm only 26 done.

It has been four real days, though, and I intended to do this in a week.

So I need something you I need to understand baking cookies better.

How can I I need to bake cookies for real, so I cut some butter and put it in the microwave, but my obsession with larger numbers took control of me.

I had to win the microwave just like I have to win Cookie Clicker perfect, so I have the hottest butter on the planet.

Add an egg add my camera.

The recipe asks for a whisk, but I'm.

Actually, a chef in real life and I know tongs work better, then add it to flour and use a plastic spatula to follow.

The only question is what type of cookies should I make while I decide, I'll explain the lateral expansion building.

It's actually an idol verse, another parallel universe of sorts, but if you imagine our universe as a single dot, the ascended universes are all on a line in 2D.

These other verses exist in the 3D plane.

Now I have control of infinitely many more universes to bake cookies.

There I found it white chocolate, macadamia, nut cookies are all Tails.

Favorite alltail is the guy who made cookie clicker a truly mad individual, so I prepared the macadamia nuts the classic way and added it to the cookies you're, familiar with the spatula method, right ready for the oven way too close together, it's fine, it worked out perfectly and this one's for auto.

Then I did the craziest thing in this entire video I went into the real world I needed reviews.

For my cookies.

The responses I got were really tasty.

I love them.

Why do you keep bringing up your grandma I realized something I'm, only baking cookies at all times in all planets dimensions and universes.

I'm missing an obvious Gap in the market, but to understand I'll have to explain the Cthulhu Mythos HP Lovecraft was an author who created stories of grand creatures, Cthulhu being the most famous but more powerful than him.

Is the outer Gods these exist outside of our reality.

One of the other gods is named.

Azathoth azerothoth is a god that is currently asleep and he is dreaming within that dream is all of reality.

Everything you know and see and feel, and all history of our reality is within azerthoth dream.

Once he wakes up.

Everything in our universe is over.

So basically in cookie, clicker I'm buying azathos to dream up you realities, there will obey cookies, they're called cortex bacon, I finally have every building in the game.

The cookie Empire has reached its limit.

Kinda I mean I'm only 28 through the game.

I may have multiple realities of infinite 3D universes at all times making cookies, but the most powerful thing of all is love.

I can force it to be Valentine's.

Day I, don't have to wait for crippling loneliness I can order it for delivery.

Also, I now rule three extra realities and I'm getting random achievements for having so many cookies, I remembered their achievements for owning 100, 150 200 of each building, so I bought a ton of the cheap buildings and got achievements.

Great flavored milk, 30 complete.

We now have kitten managers and accountants soon, we'll have kitten Specialists and experts attempt 57 for the Triple frenzy combo Lockheed failure, there's really no hard limit to how long these achievement names can be and, to be quite honest, I'm rather curious to see how far we can go.

Adolphus, W, green 80s anyway, how's your day been well pretty good.

I do own 25 azathoth, but crumbler's final form demands 200 of all buildings.

My next goal is 200 cortex Bakers, a clicker frenzy, helped me get a few octillion cookies and I got a lot more achieves like a lot more time for strawberry milk, the best flavor, if you disagree unsubscribe, but if you've ever eaten a cookie subscribe, my Ascension is 70 Times Higher time to ascend.

I bought a bunch of stuff for legal reasons.

I can't give you details, I get a hundred or a million 100 Mil, a billion cookies per second buy every upgrade by random building stockpile cookies, make it Christmas feed, evil, Santa Baby feed crumble.

We now have four cortex Bakers in the first minute.

What took me days now takes me seconds.

He who controls the cookies controls the universe and I slipped into a trance new milk colors endless clicking failed triple frenzy combos, taking over universes, worshiping cats and dragon discovering new numbers, bigger than I, imagined, overpaid kittens to work for ascending when I had enough levels to and the same thing.

Over and over again, the achievements have turned into a man's head instead of a cookie I, don't know what that means, but it's probably from 200 million universes conquered in the name of cookies.

I thought I might have reached the end until I saw something.

I have 440 wizard towers, giving me 96 Mana.

This means I can use for Toff, then sell 310, wizard towers and use for top again, including the ongoing frenzy and the natural cookie.

That's four Buffs at once, a much higher chance of hitting the triple combo and one screen at one time.

I have three golden cookies.

Of course, I didn't actually get the buff, but eventually I might.

If I'm luck and then two things happen.

First I got 200 cortex Bakers.

Second, I sacrificed all to 100 of them to crumbler, to unlock his final form, now he's red and can have two Buffs at the same time he still gives dragonflight, but also two times as all Cookie production.

Completing the dragon training got me 57 of achieves.

I am skipping a lot of the footage now because it's just days of me clicking when I could take control of more universes than there are humans on Earth I decided to ascend again, I unlocked a bunch of stuff that doesn't really matter except for Unshackled building.

You know how I'm producing cookies out of all matter and light at all times in all universes and all Dimensions inside all possible realities.

Well, that is not enough.

I am hungry turns out.

My buildings and planets have been chained this entire time by the overseeing god of cookie clicker who exists outside of all realities.

I now have enough cookies to bribe him and he will Unchain My buildings, so they are finally free to create more cookies and we're at the point where I buy 40 azerothoths in the first 30 seconds more achievements.

New milk color attempt two at four Buffs at the Double foot off strategy.

They both backfired I got double claw.

Thank you all tail, but I got a dragonflight.

They've got to be hundreds of tread decillion cookies.

The game is understanding.

I will always be hungry for more I am so powerful anytime I get a good combo.

It's worth ascending for billions, more universes and getting even more Unshackled buildings.

I played for days longer, clicking cookies and ascending.

Eventually, the achievements went from heads to an open plane, I haven't even begun to pee and when I peek everyone is going to taste.

My cookies I got kitten admins to run my operation.

Without me, I unlocked the ability to pet.

My dragon, I have almost 75 percent of achieves.

I am almost done and in one final attempt, I went the triple golden cookie, combo dragonfly clicker frenzy frenzy I got it let's [ __ ] go Cookie, Clicker is dead and I killed, it I'm done I'm done and Dragoon wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

The very fabric of reality is Cookie at this point, I have 81 of achieves the rest.

Are things like waiting 300 days for sugar lumps to grow I'll? Do it off screen and that's it.

Cookie Clicker over doesn't have to be a big Grand, ending, sometimes things just sort of end.


What is the secret code for Cookie Clicker? ›

However, you can use the code "Game. cookies=infinity", which will give you infinite cookies to buy cursors.

What is 14 trillion in Cookie Clicker? ›

Introduction. The Time Machine is a building added in the 0.125 update. It is the twelfth building in the game, costs 14 trillion cookies and produces 65 million CpS by recovering cookies from the past before they were even eaten.

How do you click the cookie 800 times in 100 seconds? ›

Click the Cookie 800 times in 100 seconds

Remember, use multiple fingers. (Depending on the device you use and the ability to click with multiple fingers, try and raise the number of fingers you click with. 6-8 fingers is recommended, but 4 is also good.)

Is there a secret in Cookie Clicker? ›

There are many hidden references and Easter eggs sprinkled throughout Cookie Clicker. Many are hidden in achievements and upgrades. They are in the title of the achievement/upgrade, or the description.

What is the cheat name for Cookie Clicker? ›

You can open the console using the function Game. OpenSesame(); . On the web version of the game, you can instead add 'saysopensesame' to the end of your bakery's name. For example, "Rachel's Bakery" becomes "Rachel saysopensesame's Bakery", or "Rachelsaysopensesame's Bakery".

What is the 12 sextillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Idleverse is a building added in the alternate reality update. It is the eighteenth building in the game, costs 12 sextillion cookies and produces 8.3 trillion CpS by hijacking production from other idle universes.

How do you enable cheats in Cookie Clicker? ›

Mac OS: Press ⌘ + ALT + J then click on the "Console" tab if not already done. You can also right-click and select "Inspect element" Then go to the Console bar. Microsoft Windows: Press F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + K to open the console. Mac OS: Press ⌘ + OPTION + K to open the console.

What is the 71 quintillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Javascript console is a building added in the going off-script update. It is the seventeenth building in the game, costs 71 quintillion cookies and produces 1.1 trillion CpS by creating cookies from Cookie Clicker's very code.

What is the 310 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Fractal Engine is a building added in the feedback loop update. It is the sixteenth building in the game, costs 310 quadrillion cookies and produces 150 billion CpS by making cookies into even more cookies.

What costs 75 billion in Cookie Clicker? ›

The alchemy lab is the tenth building in the game, costs 75 billion cookies and produces 1.6 million CpS by transmuting gold into cookies.

What is the 26 quadrillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

Introduction. The Chancemaker is a building added in the 4 more years update. It is the fifteenth building in the game, costs 26 quadrillion cookies and produces 21 billion CpS by spontaneously generating them.

How do you unlock Grandmapocalypse? ›

The Grandmapocalypse starts once you've accumulated over 1,000,000 cookies. The screen becomes covered in a shaking, flashing, tiled background of grandmas. As you gain more cookies, the Grandmapocalypse becomes more intense, with more images of different grandmas of various sizes and intensity beginning to show up.

What is the oldest age in Cookie Clicker? ›

In fact, Grandmas can be anywhere from age 70 all the way past age 100, and every number in between. The ages of your Grandmas have no effect on their ability to produce cookies.

What is the hardest achievement to get in Cookie Clicker? ›

Cookie Clicker: 10 Hardest Achievements
  1. 1 And A Little Extra. This is it, the big one.
  2. 2 And A Little Extra. ...
  3. 3 Septcentennial. ...
  4. 4 Oft We Mar What's Well. ...
  5. 5 Introspection. ...
  6. 6 Where Is My Mind. ...
  7. 7 Everyone Everywhere All At Once. ...
  8. 8 Greener On The Other Sides. ...
May 25, 2023

How to beat Cookie Clicker? ›

It is important to work on Achievements hunting late game, as it increases your CpS. Use the percentage strategy, idle cookies a lot, then spend them on good upgrades. Be sure to Ascend in your first run with 365 pending Heavenly Chips to get a lot of heavenly upgrades.

What is the easy achievement for milk in Cookie Clicker? ›

Get other simple achievements.
  • "Making some dough": Bake 1,000 cookies in one ascension.
  • "Hardcore baking": Bake 10 cookies per second.
  • "Steady tasty stream": Bake 100 cookies per second.
  • "Clicktastic": Bake 1,000 cookies from clicking.
  • "My first farm": Have 1 farm.
  • "Golden cookie": Click a golden cookie.

What costs 170 trillion in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Antimatter Condenser is a building added in the anticookies update. It is the thirteenth building, costs 170 trillion cookies and produces 430 million CpS by condensing the antimatter in the universe into cookies.

What does trillion fingers do in Cookie Clicker? ›

Thousand Fingers adds 0.1 cookies generated by Auto-Clickers for each non-cursor object owned. There are a variety of upgrades between Thousand Fingers and Trillion Fingers that increase this number, but Trillion Fingers offers the largest jump in power with a 20 times multiplier added to Thousand Fingers.

What costs 330 million in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Wizard Tower is a building added in the legacy update. It is the eighth building in the game, costs 330 million cookies and produces 44,000 CpS by summoning them.

Is the Grandmapocalypse bad in Cookie Clicker? ›

Summary: it's good. Good thing: Wrinklers. Bad thing: creepy appearance. Also there's Wrath Cookies, that have good and bad sides.

How much does 200 cursors cost? ›

NameUnlock conditionBase price
Quadrillion fingersOwn 200 cursors10 billion
Quintillion fingersOwn 250 cursors10 trillion
Sextillion fingersOwn 300 cursors10 quadrillion
Septillion fingersOwn 350 cursors10 quintillion
11 more rows

What is 5.1 billion in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Shipment is the ninth building in the game, cost 5.1 billion cookies and produces 260,000 CpS by shipping in fresh cookies from the cookie planet.

How to stop Cookie Clicker hack? ›

Go to the console (Ctrl+Shift+J or F12[default]) and enter in "Game. Achievements["Cheated cookies taste awful"]. win=0" without the outside quotes. That is, if you want to make the achievement go away.

How to reset Cookie Clicker hack? ›

  1. Go to incognito.
  2. Go to cookie clicker.
  3. Go to options.
  4. Press export save.
  5. Copy the link for new game.
  6. Go to the cheating cookie clicker u did.
  7. Press import save.
  8. Paste ur new save.

What is the 1.9 Septillion thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Cortex Baker is a building that was added in the a mind of its own update. It is the nineteenth building in the game, costs 1.9 septillion cookies and produces 64 trillion CpS by dreaming them into existence.

What building costs 1 trillion cookies in Cookie Clicker? ›

List of Buildings
BuildingBase CostBase CpS
Portal Portal1 trillion10 million
Time machine Time Machine14 trillion65 million
Antimatter Condenser Antimatter Condenser170 trillion430 million
Prism Prism2.1 quadrillion2.9 billion
16 more rows

What is the $20 million thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Temple is a building added in the legacy update. It is the seventh building, cost 20 million cookies and produces 7,800 CpS by discovering cookies in the temple. Temples can be upgraded with sugar lumps, unlocking the Pantheon minigame.

How many cookies is 1 dollar in Cookie Clicker? ›

The exchange rate is approximately 12 cookies per $1, rounded up. So this means 1 cookie = $1 and 12 cookies = $1 as well.

What is the highest legit Cookie Clicker? ›

Cookie Clicker
Ranking #Steam GamertagDate completed
1Sephiroth8912May 8, 2023, 6:46 pm
2m3lonMay 8, 2023, 7:08 pm
3SHIRO: BLOOD & GUTS.May 8, 2023, 7:10 pm
4ThertexMay 8, 2023, 7:12 pm
46 more rows

What is the 1.4 million thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

Introduction. The Bank is a building added in the legacy update. It is the sixth building, cost of 1.4 million cookies and produces 1,400 CpS by banking them and generating interest.

Are grandma upgrades worth it Cookie Clicker? ›

In theory, fully upgraded grandmas are the most efficient building a player can buy because they have a CpS based on the number of grandmas purchased. That is grandma's CpS rate increases quadratically where other CpS rates increase linearly.

What is the max milk in Cookie Clicker? ›

Milk is gained by unlocking normal (non-Shadow) Achievements at a rate of 4% milk per Achievement. As of version 2.052, the total number of normal achievements that count towards milk is 622 and the maximum attainable Milk amount is 2,488%.

How do you summon Wrinkler? ›

you need to purchase the bingo center/research facility, which is achieved from buying 7 grandma building upgrades. you will receive research upgrades over time, and when you purchace "one mind" then wrinklers can spawn.

Should I revoke Elder Covenant? ›

It's recommended to only buy the Elder Covenant to unlock the achievement and final upgrade, then revoke it to avoid the 5% penalty.

How do you get a shiny Wrinkler? ›

Since the condition of a shiny wrinkler appearing is based only on chance, the best strategy to obtain shiny wrinkler (and therefore getting the shadow achievement) is to pop as many wrinklers as possible.

What is the dragon egg Cookie Clicker? ›

Krumblor the cookie dragon is a widget that was added in v1.9 of Cookie Clicker. By sacrificing cookies and buildings to Krumblor, the player will unlock selectable auras which provide various benefits in the game. An aura can be selected by clicking on the dragon.

How do I start the Grandmapocalypse code? ›

The Grandmapocalypse starts once you've accumulated over 1,000,000 cookies.

How do you get infinite golden cookies in Cookie Clicker? ›

To actually obtain Infinity cookies, use: Game.cookies = Infinity; Beware: The number of cookies displayed above the big cookie will not change from infinity if you reset the game and/or change the number of cookies in your bank.

What is the scary stuff option in Cookie Clicker? ›

Scary stuff: (no description in game, tweaks the Grandmapocalypse by removing the Grandmatriarchs in the background, changing the Grandma store sprite, and giving Wrinklers googly eyes.)

Is The Grandmapocalypse good or bad? ›

Summary: it's good. Good thing: Wrinklers. Bad thing: creepy appearance. Also there's Wrath Cookies, that have good and bad sides.

What is the golden cookie alert sound? ›

Purchasing the Ascension upgrade "Golden cookie alert sound" is a big help, as it indicates when a Golden Cookie appears with a chime noise, so you know it's there and you can click it before it goes away.

How do you activate uncanny Cookie Clicker? ›

To obtain Uncanny Clicker, you have to click 15 times a second. Specifically, you must click within 1/15 second (66 ms) of your last click approximately six times within one second.

How often does the golden cookie appear? ›

Between 5 minutes and 14 minutes at the beginning. And they only stay in your screen for 13 seconds. However you can upgrade Golden cookies three times. The first two upgrades half the time it takes to appears, and double the time it stays on your screen.

What is 75 billion in Cookie Clicker? ›

The alchemy lab is the tenth building in the game, costs 75 billion cookies and produces 1.6 million CpS by transmuting gold into cookies.

What is the 330 million thing in Cookie Clicker? ›

The Wizard Tower is a building added in the legacy update. It is the eighth building in the game, costs 330 million cookies and produces 44,000 CpS by summoning them.

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