Will He Get BUFFED? "Worst" Ancient: Dark Cacao | Cookie Run Kingdom (2023)


Hey guys! HyRoolLegend coming at you guys with another video of Cookie Run Kingdom. With the talk about the "worst" legendary yesterday for Sea Fairy Cookie, I thought it would be cool to quickly talk about the "worst" ancient, who is going to be Dark Cacao as of right now. He has been greatly overshadowed and is in the same state as the other ancients before they got their buffs. Will he get a buff too? Let me know in the comments below!

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Alright guys so yesterday we talked about sea fairy cookie and whether her buff is going to be coming out and whether you know the buff is actually going to be making her viable or not, and I kind of asked you guys a question hey.

Can you guys make a comment talking about some of the Buffs that you might be able to give her in order to make her viable? However, after talking about the worst legendary right now, I think it's about time.

We talk about the worst ancient and that is going to be dog cacao cookie.

So the title of dwar's ancient is actually going to be a little bit worse than the title of worst legendary.

Just because of the fact that we have a new event that is available for every single player, and that is going to be the might of the ancient.

So if you guys have been watching my epic only challenge and how I started, then you guys would have seen that I have a pure vanilla and a lot of people still ask in the comments hey.

How do you have a pure vanilla already, and that is because of the fact that every single new player, every single returning player, who did not take advantage of the might of the ancient, are able to choose out of one of the three ancients currently available from pure vanilla, Halle Berry, as well as dark a cow.

However, a lot of new players without watching any of the videos without uh kind of researching who's going to be the base, ancient uh decides to choose dark account, just because just five visuals, he absolutely looks the most amazing and he looks really really good and he once was really really good.

However, nowadays dog account has been pushed out of the meta from both PVE PVP and the cookie Alliance, and a lot of different aspects of the game.

Just because of the fact that there has been a lot of new cookies come out that are going to be functioning a little bit better than him, and the reason why dark cow is in a really tough spot is because of his skill and the things that he does with his skill.


So, if you guys look at his skill.

He does a lot of different things, however because of the fact that he does a lot of different things, and he does not specialize in one uh.

It is really hard for him to be used in a lot, of different columns where.

One cookie is able to really really really special lies in what they do.

So if you guys look at Dr cow he does a decent amount of damage with his sword strike when he goes up into the air he has a little uh nice uh debuff resist that you know pure vanilla as well as Halle Berry did get after their buff.


And he does a decent amount of debuffs as well.

15 defense as well as 10.8 attack and also on top of that, he does do a injury.

Which is pretty much kind of uh.


Have to say quote-unquote? Really, really bad? Nowadays, just because of the fact that pure vanilla is able to alleviate half of that and also BTS or any of the other cookies with debuff resist.

Is able to lessen the effect of injury and on top of that uh, you know you can see that he has a zap which is going to nullify HP Shield, but there is also another cookie that is going to completely get rid of any buff that the cookies are gonna get and that's gonna be Stardust, so he has a lot of unique ability and that's why he was once called the king of d-bumps.

However, nowadays with his little number right, a 15 defense reduction is really really small compared to someone like Milky Way, as well as space donor, who are going to be really really specialized in defense reduction against a lot of the enemies as well as uh.

You know, against any of you know the bosses as well with Milky Way, so Milky Way is able to just do way more uh defense reduction, and also on top of that you know we have no uh space donut as well, and on top of that we also have Captain caviar who's.

Gonna do 42, uh defense reduction right, so uh there's a lot of different cookies right now.

Who are you know able to specialize in that? One aspect that you know a dog cacao had a favor for because he had a lot of different things back in the days.

You know this 10 uh attack, as well as a 50 defense, as well as injury and zap everything else.

Just kind of uh really allowed dark cow to thrive inside of the Arena, as well as the world exploration and also inside of the cookie Alliance uh, and completely shut down pure vanilla back in days, because he would just completely get rid of pure vanilla's HP Shield, which made him really really good.

However, now that pure vanilla did get a buff and his complete kit has been revamped, he has an amplified buff as well on top of the HP Shield, which is going to last 10 seconds and his HP Shield.

If the spelled uh in Middle alright is going to at least heal the cookies every couple seconds right, uh for a very long time, and he also has that 50 injury abbreviation, which completely makes darker cows uh.

You know whole kit, just not good enough for the arena and the one main reason why dark cow is, you know not being used is because of the fact that he is going to.

You know be considered out of the three uh ancient legendary that you're able to use uh it's just better to go with Halle Berry, pure vanilla, Moonlight or black pearl or Frost, Queen and pure vanilla.

So there's just better combinations that you can use out of the three restrictions or three limitations rather than putting in dark cacao.

Hence the reason why he's not being used anymore so with a lot of different cookies, coming out kind of overshadowing the specialty that darker cow had.

It is better to go with somebody who has a specialty in one specific area and does really really well in that, rather than going with dark cow.

Who is going to be good with the jumble of different things, all right and not special lines in them and, honestly speaking, it is a bummer that dark cow is not being used as often because one he has a super super awesome skin like this one right over here that was released because of viewers uh and because of players uh, you know requests by deaf sisters during his uh.

You know story, however, uh the only thing that I can think about right now that will pretty much bring him back into the arena or uh into a specific team, as of right now is going to be whether he's going to get a buff uh revolving around the dark element and make him specialize in that, at least in order to make a specific calm for him rather than overshadowing again another different Cookie by buffing up his you know, defense or buffing up his injury or anything like that, and complete really outshadowing, that specific cookie that is already being used.

I think a better way for darker cow to get buffed is to add that dark element and slowly transition towards a specific comp, rather than making a super super overpowered one cookie and make that cookie overshadow the other and making the power creep of this game even worse and worse.

But anyways guys.

Let me know down in the comments below just like how you guys did with seafury any of the Buffs that you would like dark account to have and uh that will pretty much bring him back into the meta.

But thanks for watching guys and I'll see you guys all on the next one foreign.


Is Dark Cacao good in Cookie Run Kingdom? ›

Dark Cacao shines in all these areas, with considerable knockbacks, a sizeable collection of buffs/debuffs, and solid max HP for a Charge Cookie. That being said, Cacao isn't at the level of being a solo tank in most game modes and high-ranking PvP, but makes up for it with his impressive DMG rating.

Is Dark Cacao Cookie the strongest? ›

The short and simple answer is that yes, the Dark Cacao Cookie is good in Cookie Run Kingdom. In fact, Dark Cacao is considered one of the most powerful cookies in the game, especially considering he is a Charge-type cookie that deals immense damage with the right toppings.

What is the best build for Dark Cacao Cookie run Kingdom? ›

The most effective toppings for Dark Cacao Cookie are five Solid Almond toppings. There is also Swift Chocolate topping is also a good choice as does mixing Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate toppings. But 5X Solid Almond topping is the most effective topping in Dark Cacao Cookie.

How do you make Dark Cacao cookies stronger? ›

If you don't want to go for protection and would rather focus on dealing damage quickly and efficiently, the next best topping for Dark Cacao is the Searing Raspberry topping. This will increase your cookie's attack damage and allow him to do the deadly hits the party needs.

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